Today's News

  • Storm keeps deputies, troopers busy

        The area’s first winter storm of the season kept law enforcement busy last Wednesday. It initially started as heavy rain, but by mid-morning pellets of ice were falling from the sky, mingled with the rain.
        “It got slick fast,” said Maj. Ricky Gardner of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Chocolate and coffee get together

        What goes better with coffee than chocolate? That’s the thought that ran through Malori Bennett’s mind when she asked Carl and Mary Matice, owners of Cao Artisan Chocolate to join her in her new business. The new business is Parallel Cafe, a coffee shop that opened its doors on North Bridge Street on Dec. 1.

  • New look for post-season

      Starting with the 2013-14 school year, the high school sports landscape will look dramatically different.

  • Holiday hoop-la

      By Mike Forster

  • No move for sixth grade

    After hearing from the public last week, the Bedford County School board voted to leave sixth grade classes in the Liberty Attendance Zone in their base elementary schools. Currently only the sixth grade from Bedford Elementary attend Bedford Middle School (BMS). The public hearing was on a proposal to move the sixth grades from the other three elementary schools in the Liberty Zone to BMS.

    Several citizens, all of them opposed to the idea, spoke at the hearing.

  • Historic year falling behind us

    If you haven’t heard, you should be aware that President Barack Obama is Time magazine’s 2012 “Person of the Year.”
        Naturally, his critics will disagree, but then again he has defeated his critics at nearly every juncture, an old habit for him. He’s only lost one election in his life, a Congressional primary in Illinois long before the rest of the country had ever heard of him.

  • Never let a good tragedy go to waste

        Shortly after the election of 2008, a certain “Democrat,” who is now mayor of Chicago, said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” He was referring to the financial crisis that had dragged America into recession, implying that Congressional “Democrats” could use this as an opportunity to pass a wish list of spending proposals under the guise of economic stimulus.

  • Have a happy, and safe, New Year

        Christmas is always a wonderful time. Although the weather can be gray and gloomy, the lights and decorations and holiday fun provides a cheerful counterpoint to that.
        Now the Christmas Day is behind us, we have one more celebration ahead of us — New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

  • Forest couple seeks to keep Nepali girls from sex slavery

        Ken and Diana Harbour, who own Blue Crane Accupuncture in Forest, also operate a Christian Mission organization called Barnabas Fellowship, which was founded in 1990 and is focused on Nepal.

         The couple have visited Nepal a number of times since 1986. They started a program in 2009, as part of Barnabas, called Save the Daughters Project.

  • Korean War veteran writes about conflict

        “There aren’t many books written about Korea,” said Korean War veteran Bob VandeLinde.

        There wasn’t much written about the war even as it was going on. VandeLinde said that he looked through old editions of his hometown newspaper — 37 months worth — published in the early 1950s and found no mention of the war in them. There are almost no movies about the Korean War and VandeLinde said that one, Heartbreak Ridge, is very exaggerated.