Today's News

  • Virginia should retain AAA rating

    Virginia should retain its current AAA bond rating, according to Delegate Lacey Putney.

        Putney, who chairs the House Appropriations Committee, accompanied Governor Bob McDonnell to New York to talk to the three bond rating agencies—Fitch Ratings, Moody’s  and Standard and Poor’s. All three of them give Virginia’s bonds a AAA rating. Standard and Poor’s downgraded U. S. sovereign debt last year.

  • Supervisors reorganize

        The Bedford County Board of supervisors held its organizational meeting Monday night in which members selected a chairman and vice chairman for the rest of the year.

        The supervisors follow a rotation and this year is District 2 Supervisor Chuck Neudorfer’s turn to head the board. Neudorfer was unanimously chosen as chairman and District 5 Supervisor Steve Arrington was unanimously chosen as vice chairman.

  • Bedford Primary PTA gets national grant

    Nobody in Bedford Primary School’s PTA had ever written a grant before, but the group's first effort was successful.
        Bedford Primary’s PTA became one of only 45 in the country to get a $1,000 grant from the National PTA for Take Your Family to School Week. Take Your Family to School Week is sponsored by the National PTA in February to encourage families to get involved with their children’s schools.

  • No more lighting up at schools

        The “no tobacco” policy at Bedford County schools for students and staff has now been extended to visitors for events at those schools.

        That means tobacco products won’t be allowed to be used at sporting events and other activities—by anyone.

  • Foster, adoptive families needed

        There's a need for more foster families in the Bedford area. And there's a need for more families willing to adopt foster children.
        According to Andy Crawford, director of Bedford County Department of Social Services, the county is constantly recruiting new families to help in those areas.
        “We really need foster parents and adoptive parents,” Crawford stated.

  • Early College proves appealing to area siblings

    The Early College program at Central Virginia Community College’s Bedford Center has been around long enough that the younger brothers and sisters of earlier graduates are now following in their sibling’s footsteps.

        With Early College, high school juniors and seniors attend college classes at CVCC’s Bedford Center instead of attending class at their base high schools. When they graduate, they not only have a high school diploma but also an associate’s degree in general studies.

  • From toilet paper to tools

        This year, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office’s pre-Christmas activities included arresting four suspects on burglary charges.

        And finding a variety of stolen items.
        A fifth suspect is still at large. According to Sheriff Mike Brown, the five have allegedly committed multiple burglaries in Bedford County since early last fall.

  • Cavs run with big boys

      Don't count 'em out, yet.  At least don't count 'em out of the Regional picture.

  • Sports commentary: Click, click

      I am a sports photographer.

  • JF grapplers seize championship

      If it keeps this up, Jefferson Forest's wrestling team is going to find itself on the persona non grata list (or whatever the Latin phrase for "team not welcomed" is).