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  • The colossal ego summit

        George Clooney met with President Barack Obama last month.

        Clooney, an actor, is a Darfur activist and that region of Sudan was the purpose of his meeting with President Obama. Darfur is one of several of Africa’s on-going horror stories. The region is in southwest Sudan and there’s been a civil war in progress since 2003.

  • Letters

    How much

    does it cost?

  • Dr. Carol M. Swain overcame deprived beginning

    This week the Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library is proud to honor Carol M. Swain Ph.D.

        Carol was raised in Bedford County in a shanty without running water and electricity in only two rooms. She had 11 brothers and sisters and a father that was not always there. Her mother Dorothy Henderson, “Mama Dot” had infantile paralysis as a child which made one side of the body smaller than the other and she was crippled for life.

  • Conservatives finally discover deficits!

        With very little to show for his sincere efforts at bipartisanship, President Barack Obama nonetheless signed his landmark economic stimulus bill into law, thanks to the votes of Democrats and just three common sense Republicans in the Senate.

        When one speaks of Republicans and uses the phrase “common sense,” what is being said is a word most conservatives disdain: moderate. Those dipped deeply into the fires of right-wing orthodoxy have no compass for the center. Nor do they want one.

  • Rock solid reasons to believe

        I had the opportunity to attend a conference on Charles Darwin last week held Feb. 15 through 17.  It was scheduled to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his Origin of the Species. Charlie’s birthday is on Feb. 12.

        This conference, by the way was not a Darwin Day celebration. It was sponsored by Answers in Genesis, a creationist organization that believes Darwin got it wrong and can offer data to demonstrate what’s wrong with Darwin’s theory.

  • Call them "Champions"

    Having endured criticism from many quarters this past season, the Liberty Minutemen  turned naysayers into believers with their title run.

  • Hurt, Carter top sprints

    From a team perspective, the county’s indoor track entrants were by no means the dominant forces at this year’s District championship.

  • JF Kings o' the pool
  • Hard-fought success

    Bedford County will be well represented at this weekend’s state tournament, as an even dozen local grapplers punched the ticket to the big show at the Salem Civic Center.

  • Unsafe at any speed--commentary

      I recently read that a  study showed that some former football players had brain injuries on a par with former professional boxers.