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  • Microboard concept allows family to make sure loved one's needs met

    Providing for a severely disabled child who will require lifetime care is a challenge for a family. Harvey Clarke, a retired Army lieutenant colonel and engineer, found a solution that works for his daughter.

    Clarke's 34-year-old daughter, Melanie, has cerebral palsy, the result of oxygen deprivation during birth. The resulting damage left her able to think just fine, but unable to control her body. She can't live without a caregiver and Harvey Clarke, who is 71, and his wife won't be able to do this forever.

  • Reenactment brings war correspondent back to life

    Ernie Pyle paid Liberty High School a visit last week.

  • Sheriff earns state honor

    According to Nathaniel Young, director of the Virginia Division of Child Support Enforcement, Bedford County has the best record in the state when it comes to parents paying court-ordered child support.

  • Event highlights work of Farm Bureau

    According to Stephanie White, Bedford County's project manager for 21st Century Agricultural Curriculum, Virginia Tech has a two-year agriculture program because of Farm Bureau. White was the keynote speaker for Farm Bureau's local dinner meeting last week.

  • When Franklin Delano Roosevelt came into office as the 32nd President of the United States in 1933 the nation was battling through the Great Depression of the 1930s, The challenge was to find work for the unemployed, help the economy recover and reform th

    Recently, I was talking with a local liberal, a fellow named Bill.

    I guess Bill is a liberal as hes an active member of the Democratic Party. Anyway, he asked me what a liberal is.

  • Cavs edged by Bees in thriller

    In a game that was everything it was cracked up to be, Brookville topped Forest 19-7.

    In front of a huge crowd on a pleasant Saturday evening, three things were proven. First, Brookville is clearly entitled to that top ranking in the state that it's been lugging around.

    Second, the Cavs, especially their defense, are for real.

    Third, while Forest can hang with the elites, it must play flawlessly if it hopes to do more than just rake in the moral victories.

  • Commentary - Hello, suckers

    Are you a soccer fan? If so, are you a fan of Manchester United?

    Manchester United, or Man U, is one of the top teams in soccer-happy England and is one of the most popular teams in the world..

    The team also has a deep-pocketed principal sponsor. No, it isn't Lipton Tea or Land Rover, two venerated British companies. The big-bucks sponsor is you, if you happen to be a United States taxpayer.

    Let me explain.

  • Jeff Forest to play Amherst on Lancers' turf

    Jefferson Forest will, again, go up against one of the premier teams in the area this Friday evening.

    Having played the top team (Div. 3) in the state this past Saturday, the Cavs next visit the two-time defending state champion (Div. 4) Amherst Lancers.

    Amherst seems to be getting the hang of first-year head coach Jon Berlin and his new systems.

    As a result, the Lancers are an improved team over the squad that was beaten by Brookville in the season opener for both teams. Of course, Brookville is improved as well...

  • Minutemen to head to Beehive

    Now the heavy lifting begins.

    After ringing up a gaudy 5-1 record, the Minutemen turn for the home stretch. A long and arduous stretch it is, starting with this week's matchup at Brookville.

    In addition to the Bees, Liberty faces (in order) Amherst, Rustburg and Jefferson Forest.

    While all four of those tasks are daunting, none seems as much so as Brookville. By the way, if you're shortchanging Rustburg, you do so at your own peril.

    Anyway, as to the task at hand: The Bees are on everyone's short list to make a run for a state title.

  • Minutemen take Heritage in homecoming bout

    Carlton Payne might not have been named king of the homecoming court, but he was certainly king of the gridiron as his three touchdowns powered Liberty to a 32-14 victory over visiting Heritage.

    Liberty hadn't scored against the Pioneers in the last two meetings between the two teams. That shortfall was rectified early. Payne hooked up with quarterback Tyler Bowyer on two touchdown passes in the first three minutes of play.