Today's News

  • Water release protocol

    For those that attended the DEQ Virginia Water Protection (VWP) Permit meeting in Gretna on Thursday night, I?m sure you found it an interesting evening.

    It is apparent the planners did not expect such a large turnout. I want to thank you for taking the time to attend. Your support was what was needed to allow us to have more time to work with the water release protocol and improve it to the benefit of all parties involved. I am now confident we will have another protocol work session in September.

  • Don't make the Dukakis mistake

    We’re told by political analysts that American voters don’t like “negative campaigning.” The talking heads say that voters want “positive” ideas, uplifting proposals about what candidates would offer for the future.

    It’s true that people respond to proposals that reflect their hopes. This was certainly the case during the Great Depression, when most voters saw that Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s promise of a “New Deal” was exactly what they needed. Today, however, we live in far more cynical times.

  • A heartbeat from the presidency

    While President Bush heads off to the Beijing Olympics to plant a big wet kiss on Hu Jintao's rear end, others of us are wondering who the two major party candidates are going to pick as their running mates.

    There's been a lot of speculation. Some think that John McCain ought to pick somebody who will bring economic expertise to the ticket. On the "Democratic" side, there's been speculation that Barack Obama will choose Tim Kaine.

  • Sheriff's Office addresses vehicle use

    The Sheriff's Office is taking steps to reduce fuel expenses, according to Sheriff Mike Brown. Brown spoke at a Bedford County Board of Supervisor's work session, Monday evening.

    Calls are up. Brown said that deputies responded to 17,099 calls in the first six months of the year. That's an increase of 1,272 over the same period in 2007. In spite of that, a vehicle use policy introduced at the end of June has reduced fuel usage by 316 gallons per month. Brown said that amounts to a savings of $13,000 per year on an annualized basis.

  • Bedford Primary, Elementary schools fall short of AYP

    While results of which Bedford County schools failed this past year to meet math and reading benchmarks related to the federal No Child Left Behind Act won't be released until next week, school officials have informed parents of students at two schools that their schools didn't meet those federal requirements.

  • Private road request approved by supervisors

    A private road request at Sunset Cay Marina, formerly Campers Paradise, received unanimous approval by the Bedford County Board of Supervisors Monday night.

    The request originally hung up on a 3-3 split vote on July 14. District 7 Supervisor Gary Lowry was absent that night.

  • Woman found in car identified

    The person found dead in a burned car off Ole Turnpike Road July 23 has been identified.

    According to Bedford City Police, the victim was Benita Donnella Woods, 37, of Lynchburg. Woods died of smoke inhalation after the vehicle caught fire, probably after the car's catalytic converter came in contact with brush where it came to rest after leaving the road.

  • Teens arrested for vandalism at church

    Two county teens have been charged with vandalizing St. John the Baptist Church in New London.

    The vandalism occurred in the predawn hours of July 17 and was discovered by one of the church's deacons a few hours later. The vandals had taken some partially empty cans of paint from a storage shed behind the church and painted "666" and an upside down cross on the back of the church.

  • Youth group outing turns tragic

    The swimming beach at Smith Mountain Lake State Park recorded its first drowning in its 19-year history, Thursday.

    According to Officer A. R. Davis, a ranger at the park, the youth group of Sycamore Baptist Church, of Gretna, was having an outing at the beach when Marvin Strickland Jr., a 12-year-old, was reported missing, at 2:45. The youth group's director was told that Strickland had been missing for 15 minutes and another child reported that he had been last seen in the swim area.

  • Letters

    Wake Up Bedford

    For over three months, a committee from Bedford City Council has been meeting with a committee from the Board of Supervisors, behind closed doors, discussing whether the city of Bedford, after 40 years, should revert back to a town.

    There are advantages and disadvantages. It may be a good thing but we will not know until all the facts are in and presented to the citizens at a public hearing.