Today's News

  • Three plaques dedicated

        Three more plaques, dedicated to Bedford’s World War II experience, were dedicated Friday. 

  • A Class-y Gift

        When the Moneta High School Class of 1963, Moneta High School’s last class, held a reunion, they collected money to help out Moneta Elementary School. They collected money and bought two gifts for the school.

        One gift was a touch screen stylus for each student. Kevin Spaulding, Moneta Elementary’s principal, said all students have Chromebook tablet computers. The computers have touch screens and styluses are helpful for students because they can touch a spot on the screen more precisely.

  • Fires destroy two homes this week

        The first of two major house fires broke out in Montvale, on Goose Creek Valley Road, Monday evening. It was called in at 7:01 p.m.

        “It was a pretty significant fire,” said Jack Jones, the county’s chief of fire and rescue.
        Jones said the fire was visible for a large distance from the house and county 911 dispatch got multiple calls from citizens.

  • Leslie Cockburn is driving ‘em nuts

        As the 2018 mid-term elections – the most important ones in American history – draw closer, Virginia congressional campaigns are very relevant to the national results.
        Republicans are desperate to hold down their losses in House elections as many millions of Americans will vote Democratic in order to repudiate the disgusting corruption of the lying, incompetent, hateful clown in the White House.

  • Attack ads

        As I’ve mentioned before, I love the attack ads that show up as election day nears.
        The meaner they are, the better I like them. I also enjoy political rants on Facebook. I don’t post political rants, as most people don’t enjoy this stuff like I do. I do, however, join threads in response to somebody else’s political post. Normally, I  make a comment from a conservative viewpoint on a liberal Facebook friend’s political post and then watch the fun as that person’s liberal friends go ballistic.

  • The father she never knew

        While the National D-Day Memorial’s Honor Flight was getting ready to leave, another military tour group was visiting the D-Day Memorial prior to a lunch and their own departure for Washington D. C.

  • Charges pending in Walmart thefts

        Charges are pending for suspects in two thefts at Walmart this month, according to Bedford Police Chief Todd Foreman

  • Education Foundation highlights its grants to area teachers

        The Bedford Area Education Foundation used its annual breakfast to showcase some of the grants it has made this past year.

  • Board approves lawsuit settlement

        In a short meeting, Monday night, the Bedford County Board of Supervisors voted to transfer $140,000 from the contingency fund to pay a negotiated settlement from a lawsuit.
        They also approved a supplemental appropriation of $10,000, which represented the amount the county was reimbursed by its insurance.
        The resolution did not name the recipient of the negotiated funds from the lawsuit.

  • Farm Bureau honors local farmers

        Bedford County’s Farm Bureau honored a couple of local farmers when they met for a dinner meeting this month.

        One of those honored was Dr. Susan Gardner. Her husband is Dr. Don Gardner and bother are veterinarians. They met at veterinarian school at Oklahoma State University.
        The Gardners founded Bedford Animal Hospital, later selling the practice to focus on their large animal veterinary practice and their first generation cattle farm.