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    With freezing rain in the forecast for southwestern Virginia for the overnight hours on Sunday, Jan. 27 and into the early morning hours of Monday, Jan. 28, motorists are strongly encouraged to consider adjusting their travel plans around the potentially icy weather.  A difference in just a few degrees of air or ground temperatures will determine if ice accumulates on roadways or not. 

  • Bulletin update: One suspect still at large in shooting, breaking and entering cases

    Calling it one of the most prolific breaking and entering gangs arrested in Bedford County, the Bedford County Sheriff's Office announced Friday the apprehension of four suspects—with an additional suspect still at large.

    The Sheriff's Office is continuing to search for Nathan “Tug” Nelms of Roanoke; Nelms has Bedford County ties, according to authorities.


    Crews with the Virginia Department of Transportation have been working throughout the winter weather event to plow and treat roads in the 12-county Salem District. 


  • One injured in crash with school bus

    The driver of a Ford F-150 was injured in a collision with a Bedford County school bus Thursday afternoon. The crash occurred on Big Island HIghway (Va. 122) a half mile north of it's intersection with Colton's Mill Road (Va. 639) at 2:40 p.m.

    According to state police, the school bus, driven by Walter Key, 72, of Bedford, was traveling north when a southbound 2006 Ford F-150, driven by David Turner, 28, of Big Island, crossed the centerline and hit the school bus nearly head on. The school bus was empty at the time and Key was not injured.

  • Creating a pro-jobs economy

    Job creation is key to a thriving economy.  While unemployment numbers have dropped over the last year, millions of jobless Americans continue to search for work every day.  For these folks, a job in 2013 would be a welcome change.  The only way to help these individuals and our economy recover is to tear down barriers to job creation and get Washington out of the way.


  • Focusing on workforce development

        The second week of the General Assembly featured a lot of rain, a little snow, and some fast action on legislation.  It also marked the week when Governor McDonnell unveiled his job creation and workforce development agenda for the session.

  • Rain, snow don’t slow down work

    By Sen. Steve Newman
    District 23

        Richmond and snow just do not mix.  For the first four days of the second week of the General Assembly, it rained.  But for the fifth day, it snowed.  And, snow has a way of disrupting just almost everything in Virginia’s capital city.  There is, however, one thing in Richmond that continues without interruption regardless of the weather: the General Assembly.

  • Business compliance

    By Marci L. Stone, MBA, EFO
    Deputy Chief
    Bedford County Department of Fire & Rescue

        Is your business in compliance with Federal and State Requirements for reporting Hazardous Materials? 

  • Obama’s second term: liberalism triumphs

    President Barack Obama has now begun the second term afforded him by the American people in a clear and decisive election on Nov. 6, 2012.
        But history is filled with examples of bad luck and misfortune in that last four years of eight for many presidents.
        Certainly, George W. Bush’s second term was a textbook disaster. The war in Iraq didn’t turn up any “WMDs,” and popular support for it went south. He spent most of the last three years with an approval rating of 20-something percent.

  • Charging the NRA’s barricades

        A Wall Street Journal editorial recently noted how President Barack Obama, despite his call for civil political debate, never ceases to demonize his opponents, attributing to them the basest motives. My guess is that this isn’t something peculiar to President Obama, but rather a general characteristic of American left-wing extremists.