Today's News

  • Bedford Memorial gets prestigious designation

        Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital (BMH) has received a prestigious nursing designation. It’s awarded by the American Nursing Credentialing Center (ANCC).

        “It verifies we are committed to our nurses excelling and that they are empowered here in Bedford,” said Carolyn Hitchcock, a registered nurse and Pathway Excellence Coordinator.
        What does “empowered” mean?

  • Local ministry is shutting down Dec. 31

        Rwandan Hugs, a local non-profit headed by Nancy Strachan, is calling it quits.

        The organization will cease operations on Dec. 31. Rwandan Hugs has worked to provide a hand up to the people of the land-locked nation of Rwanda in East Africa.
        Strachan got accidentally drawn into this ministry.
        “I got involved in it very naively,” Strachan said.

  • Historic storm buries area in snow

        The snow storm that buried the Bedford area in white, Sunday, was historic.

        According to Ben Gruver, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Blacksburg office, the Dec. 9 storm marked the earliest in the season this area has been nailed by a storm this size.
        “It’s kind of historic in that regard,” Gruver said.

  • Staunton River falls in battle against Jefferson Forest 60-45

        Anticipation  was in the air between undefeated Staunton River and Jefferson Forest leading up to this district  rivalry game -- and it lived up to its billing as the Cavaliers rallied to a hard fought 60-45 win over the Golden Eagles.

  • Not Throwing Away My . . . Shot

    In the Grammy award winning Broadway play Hamilton, young Alexander raps about being young, scrappy and hungry. Realizing his opportunity to overcome his circumstances, he seizes his shot to be something more than what others thought he could be

    That led me to think about how others see sports as their opportunity to rise up as well. It then carried over to the sudden realization about how broad the scope is of sports in Bedford County, VA is as well

  • Area begins to dig out from snowstorm
  • The inside story

        John Allen Chau, a Covenant Journey alumni, was martyred on November 17 by the Sentinelese tribal people on the island of North Sentinel.

  • A president from a different era

        The death of our 41st president, George H.W. Bush, serves as another reminder of what politics in America used to be like, before poison and vitriol helped produce the current occupant of the Oval Office.
        No, I won’t say his name in the same sentence with that of the late President Bush, because Bush truly believed in the idea he expressed, that America should be a “kinder, gentler nation.”  There’s nothing kind or gentle about you know who…but this isn’t about him.

  • Better candidates is a better answer

        Rick Howell, in last week’s Liberal Agenda, promoted the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact as the answer to the problem of candidates who win the electoral vote but fail to win the popular vote. He cites an opinion piece that Dr. Theodore Fuller, a retired sociology professor from Virginia Tech, wrote in the Roanoke Times back on Aug. 2.

  • A point of light

    By Dr. Gary S. Smith

        George H. W. Bush died on Friday at age 94. Few Americans have had a more distinguished political resume. He was a U. S. Congressman, a United Nations ambassador, chair of the Republican National Committee, U.S. envoy to China, and director of the CIA. He served two terms as vice president and one term as president.