Today's News

  • Board forces Guzi to resign

        Bedford County Administrator Kathleen Guzi announced her resignation Monday night at a special meeting called by the Board of Supervisors.

        District 1 Supervisor Bill Thomasson and District 6 Supervisor Annie Pollard had asked that the meeting be held to discuss Guzi, according to District 5 Supervisor Steve Arrington.

  • Sports commentary: Jilted

      Picture this.  You're enjoying a nice meal at home when your wife tells you:  "I got an offer from Joe Schmedlap to run off with him.  He's got to work out the details.  If he does, I'm out of here.  If not, I'm happy to stay with you, Puddin'.

  • Blue Monday for local hoopsters

    Valentine's Day is supposedly the holiday of love.

  • Rivermen take Blue Ridge track title, again

      The Staunton River boys flexed some muscle in taking a second-straight Blue Ridge District indoor track championship.

  • Indoor track: Minettes third in Seminole

      It was Glass that turned out the monster performances.

  • Community Events and Calendar (week of Feb. 8, 2012)


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    Sign-ups and notices


  • Church news (week of Feb. 8, 2012)


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    Coat, blanket drive

  • BCSO warns against telephone scams


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    The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office is investigating four complaints of telephone scams over the last two days.

    One of the callers reported that she received a call from a female who said she was her granddaughter. The person advised them she had been arrested in New York and needed $3029 to get out of jail.

  • Fixing a broken budget system

    By Congressman Robert Hurt At a time when we in the House have been waiting on the Senate to take action and join our focused agenda of enacting measures that would reduce our staggering $15 trillion debt, the Senate acted – but they acted in a way that was dismissive of their responsibility to the American people and in direct conflict with the necessary goal of passing a budget in order to restore our country to fiscal sustainability.


  • Repealing a failed government program

    Over the last year House Republicans have been working diligently to repeal the sweeping new health care reform law which was rushed through Congress, with total disregard for the will of the American people. This law, which I vehemently oppose and voted against, is defined by federal regulations, mandates, a myriad of new big government programs, and a significant increase in federal spending and debt at a cost to our country too high to bear. All of this will lead to fewer choices, higher prices and rationed care.