Today's News

  • Planning commission turns down tower

        The Bedford County Planning Commission unanimously turned down, Monday night, a request from AT&T to build a 160-foot cell tower on a property on Perrowville Road.

        The proposed location is in a wooded area at the rear of a commercial site, but there is dense residential development nearby. The people living in these adjoining neighborhoods spoke out against the proposal at a public hearing.

  • Saved by the Belt

        As Melissa Tomlin stood by her two girls, Mazie, 7, and Abby, 5, she was clear about the reason she wears her seatbelt.

        “What if I hadn’t had my seatbelt on. What if it had killed me; what would my kids do?” she said of a recent accident.
        That discipline, however, kept her from being seriously hurt or even killed during an accident last month in Bedford.

  • Bedford Co. eliminates tax on inventory

        In an effort to provide tax relief for small businesses, Bedford County has eliminated its Merchant’s Capital tax. That tax requires that businesses calculate their inventories on January 1, and pay a certain percentage of tax on that.

        District 1 Supervisor Dale Wheeler, who made the motion last month to eliminate this tax, said  the tax put retailers in a dilemma as the end of the year approached. If they didn’t buy enough, they could run out of inventory. If they bought too much, they got taxed.

  • Safe Surfin’ adds another celebrity to its cause

        Extreme athlete Tom Jones has suffered first-hand the atrocities of child predators.

        As a child of 10, he was removed from his home because of abuse and placed in a group home. While at that group home, Jones said he was sexually molested for four years by the staff.
        “It caused a litany of problems in my life,” Jones states of the abuse.
        That’s why he has made an effort to reach out to help youth and support causes that seek to protect them from predators.

  • Two teens charged in damage at cemetery

        Two 16-year-old boys have been arrested in connection with the vandalism earlier this month at the cemetery off Longwood Avenue in Bedford.

  • Liberty teacher honored for work with students

        Liberty High School teacher Jeff Steele had the opportunity in graduate school to learn the virtues of education while serving as a teaching assistant.

  • Murder plea

        While there are conflicting stories about who might have helped dump the body of Sean Peter Placko in the James River last year, at least one man has now been convicted for that murder.

         Christopher Michael Dudley, 29, of Waynesboro will have to spend 37 years in prison after pleading no contest Tuesday  to   charges   of  first degree murder and the unlawful disposal of a dead body. His total sentence was 65 years, 28 which were suspended as part of the plea agreement.

  • Sports commentary: Ice, ice, baby

      You may have noticed that the NHL playoffs are in full swing.

  • Racing into Districts

      Tracks will be heating up around the area as our three local high schools send contingents to their respective district meets.

  • Near-fall for Lady Cav booters

      Senior Night is typically an emotional affair, as the reality sinks in for those so honored that their preps careers are coming to an end.