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  • The first step, not the last, towards true health care reform

    The people of the 5th District sent a clear message on Election Day in support of repealing the government takeover of health care.

    This week, I was proud to put the will of the people into action by co-sponsoring and voting to repeal the health care law that raises costs, increases taxes and spending, and destroys jobs.

    I have heard from many constituents about the negative ramifications this law has had on people throughout Central and Southside Virginia.  

  • Putting you back in charge of your health care

    Just days ago the House of Representatives, with my support, delivered on our promise to the American people to hold a vote on legislation that would repeal the sweeping health care reform law, passed by the last Congress.  For nearly two years now the American people have been attending town hall meetings, sending letters and e-mails and making phone calls. Their message has been simple and consistent: We don’t want a government takeover of our health care system.

  • National D-Day Memorial Foundation president addresses misconceptions about the Memorial

    By Robin Edward Reed
    National D-Day Memorial Foundation

        Misconception:  The Memorial is honoring or intended to honor Stalin with the placement of a bust.

  • The reality of stalking

    By Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown


    Dial 9-1-1

  • Legislation moving quickly

        This week, we were reminded of how quickly legislation moves during the short session, as one of my bills made it to the floor of the House after just one week.  House Bill 1419 would end Virginia’s mandate that girls receive the human papillomavirus vaccine before entering the sixth grade.

        The mandate was passed by the General Assembly in 2007.  This decision made it the first time that Virginia mandated vaccinations for a disease that cannot be transmitted through casual contact.

  • Repeal of health care reform will fail

        Shame on all the conservative Republicans, including Bob Goodlatte and Robert Hurt, who voted in the House to repeal President Obama’s health care reform law.

        Let all Americans know what this means: House Republicans care more about the profits of the insurance industry than they do about 50 million Americans without health insurance.

  • Time for some guarded optimism

        It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Hey, wait a minute! Somebody already used that! Oh well, it’s a Dickens of a good opening.

  • Park Service comes to Bedford

    Long before the National D-Day Memorial opened in Bedford a decade ago, skeptics expressed doubts about its location and its ability to draw enough visitors to remain economically viable. ...

        The privately run Memorial, in the Blue Ridge foothills between Lynchburg and Roanoke, has struggled financially from the start. Shortly after the monument and grounds opened to the public, the foundation overseeing the property filed for bankruptcy amid serious allegations of mismanagement.

  • DSS head retiring

    Leighton Langford, Bedford County’s director of social services is retiring, effective at the end of this month. Langford has held this post since 1976.

        Langford grew up on a tobacco farm in Forest and graduated from New London High School in 1963. His first experience with the county’s department of social services came in 1964 as a college student intern. Langford said that this was back in the day when the courthouse still had segregated restrooms.

  • Marie Tuck retires from Moneta Post Office

    By Peter Sawyer
    Intern writer

        Located at Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta has experienced significant growth over the years.  Many newcomers live in subdivisions built off of the old country roads.  Few people have been in a better position to notice these changes than Marie Tuck, who witnessed them over the past three decades as a mail carrier.
        Marie Tuck has delivered mail since 1980; she retired on Dec. 31.