Today's News

  • Harris Printing to close

        After more than 40 years, Harris Printing is closing. It officially closes Feb. 1.

        Robert Harris, who owns the business, has been in printing for a lot longer than that. He’s been involved for more than 60 years. At one point, he worked for three weekly newspapers at the same time, the Bedford Bulletin and the Bedford Democrat, in Bedford, and the Roanoke Tribune in Roanoke.

  • Bedford Police Department to carry magazines honoring 'Bedford Boy'

        When Lisa Dishman learned that the Bedford Police Department was looking for bids to replace its patrol rifle magazines, she had the ultimate offer: to donate the magazines without any charge from her business.

        The reason Dishman was willing to do this was because of her ties to the Bedford community. She grew up in Lynchburg and her family was from the area. And her mom was a cousin to Staff Sgt. Gordon Henry White Jr., one of the Bedford Boys who was killed during the Normandy invasion on D-Day.

  • The Region’s Top Speller!

        Sky Estrada, the Bedford County Public Schools County Spelling Bee winner and an 8th grader from SRMS, won the Regional Spelling Bee in Roanoke this week.

         She fought through over 50 rounds of competition that the judge called “unbelievably tougher than what we’ve had in the past few years,” according to reports.

  • Pump catches fire

        No injuries were reported from a fire that erupted Monday at the Shell Station on Longwood Avenue in Bedford.

        On Monday, officers with the Bedford Police Department and from emergency services responded to the Shell Station when a call went out that a car had struck a gas pump, igniting the fire.

  • Hernandez scheduled for plea

        Originally facing a jury trial set for this week in connection with the killing of 17-year-old Raymond Wood in March 2017, Juan Martin Hernandez is now scheduled for a plea on Aug. 16, 1:30 p.m. in Bedford Circuit Court.
        Hernandez made a quick appearance in Circuit Court Tuesday as another jury trial was in recess.  At that time Hernandez’s attorney requested a continuance on his motion.  The continuance was granted by the court and the case was reset for August 16. 

  • Hiss settling in to his new job with the county

        Robert Hiss, Bedford County’s new county administrator, reported for his first day on the job on Feb 25.

  • Burnette gets some revenge

        Woody Burnette of Huddleston is the $2000 grand prize winner of the Bedford Agricultural Economic Development Advisory Board’s 2019 Coyote Lottery.

        Burnette got revenge for his dog Sadie May being attacked and injured by coyotes last fall.

  • Whitehurst files federal lawsuit against school board, school superintendent


                Having filed charges against Bedford County Public Schools with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging that she was the victim of discrimination on account of her sex, Dr. Cherie Whitehurst has taken the issue to the next level, filing a federal lawsuit against the Bedford County School Board and Superintendent Dr. Douglas Schuch.

  • A lot of good came out of Goode

    By Steve A. Everett

  • Supporting our military families with safe housing

    By Sen. Tim Kaine
        There has been recent attention on the national scope of dangerous conditions in military base housing, including children poisoned by lead and lapses in oversight that have put military families at risk.