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  • Minutemen earn 21-20 comeback win with kicking game

        In a team sport like football, kickers often get an inordinate amount of attention when it’s up to them to win a game. For them, that can be good and bad.
        For Liberty’s Tony Mineo, you could say that things are probably pretty good this week.
        It began when Garrett Whorley scampered for a touchdown with 9:53 to go in the fourth quarter to knot the score 20-20 against Fort Defiance..
        All eyes then turned to sophomore Mineo to break the tie.

  • Trump will have primary opponents!

        In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is the British version of Donald Trump. Their clown is just as arrogant, ignorant, and boorish as our clown.
         But in the UK, members of Johnson’s party stood up to him on his reckless plan to leave the European Union without even some basic economic agreements.

  • Never Forget

    he speech delivered by President George W. Bush on 9/11/01 following the terrorist attacks on this nation.

        Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. The victims were in airplanes or in their offices: secretaries, business men and women, military and federal workers, moms and dads, friends and neighbors.

  • Reynolds will serve as Interim Clerk; will seek nomination for 2020

        With the announcement that Circuit Court Clerk Cathy C. Hogan will retire November 1, Judy Reynolds, who is currently the Chief Deputy, will be appointed by Judge James Updike as the Interim Clerk until a special election is held in 2020.
        Reynolds has also announced she plans to seek the Republican nomination for the special election next year.

  • A call to Trump’s ‘Christians:’ Repent!

        Any discussion of the bizarre rise of Donald Trump is often met with the question, “How do Christians claim to support him?”
        Indeed, many people who aren’t even particularly religious themselves wonder how people who claim to follow the tenets of Christianity can attach themselves to a narcissistic, immoral, corrupt man who clearly doesn’t even try to live a “Christian life.”  

  • Trump’s political skills a mixed bag

        President Donald Trump’s political skills seem to range wildly from very shrewd to “Where is your head?
        We recently got an example of the latter when President Trump suddenly offered to buy Greenland from Denmark. When the Danish government refused to sell, President Trump, in an apparent fit of pique, cancelled a scheduled state visit to Denmark. Keep in mind that Denmark has been an ally for decades.

  • Honoring 400 Years of African American History

    By US Senator Tim Kaine
        I had the honor of addressing our Commonwealth as we marked 400 years of African American history since the arrival of the first enslaved Africans into English Colonial America at Point Comfort in 1619.
        What does this anniversary mean?

  • Turning 100!

    Josephine Dudley, who turned 100 Sunday, Aug. 25, never had children. But she had a life-long impact on the four children of a Pittsburgh pediatrician.

        Dudley was born and raised in the Bunker Hill area of Bedford County and grew up in Mount Olivet Baptist Church.

  • Historic trombone on display at Tribute Center

        When Bedford’s A Company marched to the train station, in February, 1941, to depart for what was supposed to be a year on active duty for training, they were led down Main Street by the Bedford Fireman’s band.

  • Volunteers

        While most young teens spend summers swimming, playing sports or hanging out with friends, some local students have discovered productive and enjoyable ways to spend their time when school is out.