Today's News

  • County resident seeks to overturn Oakwood Villas decision

    A county resident has filed a lawsuit against Bedford County in an effort to overturn its decision to rezone land to clear the way for a condominium development called Oakwood Villas.

  • Boys' soccer preview--Staunton River

    The question for this year's version of the Staunton River boys' soccer team is whether it can overcome the churn at the top to improve upon last year's surprisingly good season.

    With its fifth head coach in seven seasons, there can be little doubt that the team is looking for some stability. New Head Coach Robert Morck hopes to provide that stabilizing influence. However, this year, he'll have to deal with the departure of two main cogs from last year: Keeper Evin Guilliams and center midfielder Jarrett Graham.

  • Boys' soccer preview--Liberty

    The Liberty boys' soccer team recently got together to watch the movie "Miracle." The flick, about the U.S. Olympic Hockey team's preparation for, and defeat of, the mighty Soviet Union's team, could serve as an inspiration for the Minutemen's upcoming season.

    The message of that movie was that players had to think of their team first, putting personal ambitions on the back burner. "I don't want just talent," said Head Coach T Fox. "I want that talent to play as a unit."

  • Anger over March Madness--commentary

    Well, we've gotten through another "Selection Sunday" and, in a development that surprised absolutely nobody, there are folks who are unhappy with the output.

    There are really two classes of those that are mad over March Madness. The first group consists of those fans, coaches, administrators, alumni and straphangers of teams that were, in their minds, mis-seeded (is that a word?).

  • Girls' soccer preview--Staunton River

    Last season, the Staunton River Lady Eagles surprised the field as they took third place in the regular season and the runner-up spot in the District tournament. This season, they will have the chance to show that they belong with the cream of the Seminole or that last season was just a flash-in-the-pan.

    Head Coach Kenneth Young feels that the answer is the former. "We're going to be in every game," said Young. "We've got a good bunch of girls...I expect us to be better this year"

  • Girls' soccer preview--Liberty

    The Liberty girls' soccer team looks to remove itself from an unaccustomed spot. Last year, for the first time since the team's inception, it finished out of the top three spots in the Seminole, supplanted by Staunton River.

    "It's a different district from just a few years ago," stated Minette Head Coach Jeff Steele. His team went 7-4-3 last year to garner fourth place.

  • Girls' soccer preview--Jefferson Forest

    "Experience, experience, experience."

    So says Jefferson Forest Lady Cav Head Coach Stan Golon in describing this year's version of the team. A look over the roster validates the coach's assessment.

    For starters, Forest returns its front line of Brittany Gallagher, Cameron DeWitt and Taylor Duff. Not only did the trio lead the team in scoring last season, they also nailed 16 (of a total of 17) game winning goals for the squad. They do just what you want your forwards to do: they score and they score often.

  • Boys' soccer preview--Jefferson Forest

    The old saying by Benjamin Franklin goes, "In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes."

    If the star of the $100 bill were still wandering this earth, he might amend that statement to include "And Jefferson Forest Seminole soccer championships."

    The Cavs looked poised to repeat as district champs this year, despite the graduation of a superb crew that included five players who are participating at the college level this year.

  • Treasures in the basement

    Ginger Bell has finished filling the old Murray building on North Bridge Street, in Bedford.

    Bell acquired the building last May and opened the Bridge Street level as Ginger Bell's House of Mini Shops. This consists of space rented to seven small businesses, including a beauty salon that had been there for 30 years before Bell bought the place. The House of Mini Shops is full, and now there is a business in the basement. It's called Bell's Treasures.

  • Bush’s legacy of torture

    When George W. Bush recently vetoed a bill that would have banned so-called waterboarding as an approved interrogation technique, he solidified his sorry legacy: the first president to actually want the United States of America to practice torture.

    Bush won’t call it torture, and he’ll insist at any of his barely coherent press conferences, in the pseudo-language he uses to mimic English, that “The U.S. doesn’t torture.” But like most everything with Bush, it’s either a lie or a distortion.