Today's News

  • Helping the hungry


    Hunters for the Hungry announced recently that they are the recipients of a $50,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation.  

    Laura Newell-Furniss, Director of Hunters for the Hungry said, “This gift could not come at a better time.  It will allow our program to process 1,111 deer which will yield 55,550 pounds of meat (27 tons).  When processed and packaged it will yield 222,200 quarter-pound servings of lean meat for people in need here in Virginia.  

  • Lady Cavs are the real deal


    The Jefferson Forest girls basketball team proved it can hang with mighty Brookville.

    What the Lady Cavs have  yet to show is that they can beat those Bees.

    JF gave as good as it got in falling to the Brookies 44-38.  Three nights later, the Lady Cavs topped a Heritage crew that was missing its best player.

    The upshot?  It appears the youngish JF crew has what it takes to make a run in the Seminole District.

  • Slay ride


    A wintery mix which was making travel a dicey proposition mimicked what was happening concurrently in Staunton River's gym.

    In other words, slushy road conditions mirrored slipshod basketball by both Liberty and the Lady Eagles.

    It was the Minettes who emerged with the win, keeping their record spotless (at 4-0) with a 59-40 win.

    "That was a sloppy game," noted Liberty Head Coach Mike Jones.

  • Season's beatings


    Calling it a Christmas miracle might be a bit much.

    Still, what the Staunton River boys basketball team did in its game with Liberty last Saturday comes close.

    The Eagles surmounted a 19-point deficit in topping the visiting Minutemen by the score of 66-64.

    The win will likely be considered one of the biggest in the history of Staunton River basketball.  And it came by a team with no player over 6' tall.  It is certainly the top win in the seven years this reporter has been covering the Eagles.  

  • Sports commentary: A Desert of Ice


    The iceman cometh, but not in these parts.

    I've gushed previously on the wonderful attributes that adorn life in this area of Virginia.  

    Now, I'm griping.

    Where's the hockey?

    Now, I fully realize that neither the town nor the county of Bedford has the population or the inclination to support pro hockey at any level.

    I also understand that the introduction of the sport at the high school level is too pricey a proposition to merit even consideration.

  • Bulletin update: Fire damages home on Longwood Ave.

    Crews from several area fire departments were still on the scene of a fire at 2 a.m. Sunday morning at 719 Longwood Ave. in Bedford, a fire that began late Saturday night.

  • House passes Robert Hurt's legislation to help small businesses

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    With unemployment remaining unacceptably high across the Fifth District, Congress must focus on passing legislation that will spur job creation for Americans. Fifth District Virginians know that the federal government’s role is to promote policies that create opportunities and increase access to capital for our entrepreneurs and small businesses to hire and expand.


  • Faithfully executing the laws

    For more than 200 years, the U.S. Constitution has served as the law of the land and the framework on which we have built our nation. The principles enshrined in this document by our Founding Fathers protect Americans’ liberties by creating a limited government that is divided into three separate branches, with each branch having defined functions delegated to it by the Constitution. This “separation of powers” was designed so that no one branch acquires too much power.

  • Poor Sarah Palin; she just can’t help it!

    If there are two things in our nation that deserve each other, it’s gotta be Sarah Palin and Liberty University.
        Apparently, LU doesn’t hold great intellectual standards for the people it invites to speak. Thus, Sarah Palin will always be welcome.
        Ms. Palin (no, wait a minute; that’s Mrs. Palin. “Ms.” would be too feminist, wouldn’t it?) spoke recently at the school’s final “fall convocation.”

  • Mission accomplished

        The day after the Nov. 30 deadline for fixing HealthCare.gov passed, President Barack Obama held a press conference to proclaim victory. The day after that, a Wall Street Journal editorial noted that one thing was missing — a “Mission Accomplished” banner in the background.