Today's News

  • City Council takes a look at the budget

        Bedford City Council looked at several items, last week,  as it continued work sessions aimed at developing a budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.
        One item involved Virginia Retirement System (VRS) contributions mandated by the state. City Manager Charles Kolakowski’s proposal calls for an approach that will result in no pay loss for employees. The state mandate calls for a 5 percent increase in employee VRS contributions, but permits localities to take a multi-year approach in implementing this.

  • Poplar Forest provides chance for families to learn together

    By Laura Enderson

  • Judge to rule on embezzlement charge by June 5

        An embezzlement charge against the former director of Bedford Main Street, Inc., has been taken under advisement following a preliminary hearing in General District Court Wednesday.

        Calling it “an awkward embezzlement” charge, Judge Harold Black said he will rule within three weeks on whether to certify the charge against 46-year-old Daniel A. Plattus to a Bedford grand jury.

  • Longwood Industries survives by being flexible

        Agility is Longwood Industries’ key to survival, according to Renee Fisher, Longwood’s executive director. Fisher has served in that post since 1976.

        Fisher said that Longwood was incorporated in 1972, one of 40 sheltered workshops that were set up after Virginia deinstitutionalized people in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

  • School Board must make cuts to budget

        The Bedford County Board of Supervisors formally adopted a county budget Monday night, by a unanimous vote. As a result, the County School Board will have to revisit its budget and make cuts.
        The county’s budget allocates $88.8 million in the general fund and also includes $39.04 million in local funding for the school budget. But that figure is $750,000 less than the school board had requested from the county.

  • ‘Cujo’ readies for dog fight

    Superman has his Fortress of Solitude.
        Batman has his Batcave.
        Scott Sigmon has his Hurt Factory.

        Each is a place where its owner prepares to do battle with arch-nemeses:  Lex Luthor or the Joker, for example.
        In Sigmon’s case, however, his enemy exists beyond the imagination of a comic book writer.  Sigmon, AKA “Cujo,” will test his mettle in the boxing ring against none other than Kelly Pavlik.

  • Diamond title

      "May you live in interesting times."

  • Monday, Done-Day

      The good news:  Liberty High School is assured of having a full boat of seniors at its graduation exercise on June 9.

  • Sports commentary: Food for thought

      I was shocked.  Just shocked.

  • Juveniles charged in vandalism at middle school

    On Friday, May 18 investigators with the Bedford Police Department obtained detention orders for two 14-year-old juveniles for breaking into Bedford Middle School during the early morning hours of Sunday, May 13.

    Both juveniles were charged with the following: 1 count of Breaking and Entering; 1 count of Felony Property Damage; 1 count of Arson Feloniously Attempt to Burn Public Building; 1 count of Trespassing on School Property after hours.