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  • Sports Commentary: Musings

      Don't you hate it when someone you don't care for does something you admire?

  • Photo of the week: I waited 17 years for this???

  • The wait is over - kind of

      While football fields across the Commonwealth will resonate with the grunts and roars of prep football, the gridirons of Bedford shall lay silent.

  • Support our troops!

      What will you do?

  • Enforcing America’s immigration laws

    Enforcing our laws against illegal immigration is a subject of great concern for many in the Sixth District and nationwide. According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), 11.5 million illegal aliens resided in the United States as of 2011. The illegal alien population continues to grow, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and placing a significant burden on our schools, health care facilities, and law enforcement. 

  • Back to school time is here!

    By Sheriff Mike Brown

        Yes, it’s hard to believe that the summer is winding down and the youngsters are headed back to school.
        Whether it’s their first year or their 12th, school traffic and activities bring on a whole new level of excitement and anxiety for students as well as those driving in school zone areas. Please be aware that youngsters will be walking to school, riding bikes and loading and unloading from buses. 

  • Military suicide rate at record hig

        Cheryl Ecker of Champion, Ohio, wears a bracelet made out of the laces of her son’s army boots. Her son, Michael, a 25-year-old veteran of the Iraq war, became a tragic statistic in April.
        He was standing in the yard of his home when he called out to his father. After his dad turned around, Michael saluted, raised a gun to his head, and pulled the trigger. His suicide was just one of many among those who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, a cause of increasing alarm at the Pentagon.

  • Ruler of heaven and earth

        While the fighting in Syria has been getting lots of attention lately,  Iran remains our biggest foreign policy problem. The possibility that Shia clerics that are running that country may have nuclear weapons at their disposal in the near future poses a grave threat, and not just to their immediate neighbors. A piece, written by Ayad Jamaluddin that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in the July 17 edition, explains why. Jamaluddin knows what he’s talking about. He’s a Shia cleric himself and served in Iraq’s parliament.

  • Moneta author pens ‘cozy mystery, Southern gothic’ novel

        Years ago when Susan Coryell lived in Northern Virginia, she started writing a novel about a haunted  Revolutionary War era estate nearby.

        But then she moved to Smith Mountain Lake.
        Her address changed, but her desire to write didn’t. Coryell decided to continue working on her novel, “A Red, Red Rose,” but move the setting to a lake.

  • Orchard teams up with Society of St. Andrew

        Twenty years ago a storm came through and knocked a lot of fruit off the trees at Gross’ Orchard in Bedford.

        That fruit was usable, but could not be sold.
        That, according to Ronnie Gross, is when they learned about the Society of St. Andrew in Big Island, and were able to coordinate the gleaning of the fruit at the Gross’ Farm.
        That partnership has been ongoing for the past two decades, including last week during the Commonwealth Day of Gleaning.