Today's News

  • Liberty's Nifty Fifty

      For football fans in this area, the Gothic "L" embossed on the side of the helmet stands for "Liberty."

  • The no taxpayer-funded lobbying act: Restoring fiscal responsibility In Washington

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    Government waste, fraud, and abuse have long been the objects of Americans’ disappointment in our federal government. And rightfully so. This reckless spending spree in Washington has led us to more than $16 trillion dollars in national debt, and four straight years of trillion dollar deficits. This amounts to roughly $51,000 owed to our creditors by every American man, woman, and child, and nearly 40 cents borrowed on every dollar spent to sustain this binge.


  • The Obama administration’s war on coal

    Stop the regulations. It’s one of the requests I hear nearly everywhere I travel in the Sixth District. Federal mandates and overreaching regulations from the Obama Administration have taken aim at many industries from health care and agriculture to energy production – including coal.

  • Romney: A candidate under siege

    One hardly knows where to begin discussing the myriad problems of the Republican candidate for president.
        But let me say something before Republicans say it. Romney supporters will soon be arguing that his troubles are nothing more than a “liberal media” game of reporting, highlighting and blowing out of proportion anything he’s said or done.

  • This movie should frighten us all

        The Saturday before last I saw the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. Prior to that, the first Alien flick back in the late ‘70s held that spot, but not anymore. When I went out of the theater, back then, I knew that there were no voracious alien creatures running around eating everybody in sight. It wasn’t real.    

  • Rabies vaccinations save lives

    Ask anyone whose pet has had a run-in with a rabid animal, and they will tell you how important it is to keep pets’ rabies vaccines up to date, according to a report from the Virginia Department of Health.
        This year during Rabies Awareness Week, September 24-30, the VDH and the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA) are stressing the importance of safeguarding the lives of pets and family members by vaccinating pets against rabies.

  • Agape Center granted tax exempt status

        The facility that the Agape Center uses in Moneta will receive tax exempt status. The supervisors voted unanimously, Monday night, to grant this.
        When County Attorney Carl Boggess presented the request to the supervisors, he noted that an important test for this status is that the organization gives back to the community more than the county loses in tax revenue. He said that the taxes on the building amount to $2,000 per year, but Agape clearly gives more than that back to the community.

  • Volunteer chaplains celebrate 10th anniversary

    Bedford Memorial Hospital’s volunteer chaplains celebrated their 10th anniversary this month.

         They marked it with a presentation of a painting by Beulah Witt. Witt’s painting depicts 10 hands in a circle forming a heart. All the hands depicted are hands of real people, either people who work at the hospital or people who worship at Mountain View Union Church.
        The volunteer chaplains seek to show love to people coming to the hospital through kindness.

  • Planning commission looks at allowing chickens in county’s residential sections

        It may soon be possible for people living in residential areas in Bedford County to keep chickens.
        The Bedford County Planning Commission is considering a text amendment to the county’s zoning ordinance that will allow chickens without any special permits.
        One decision was minimum lot size.

  • Gathering at Sedalia provides chance to learn new skills

        Sedalia Center will host some new events this year. Actually, one is new and one is semi-new.

        The new event is called Gathering.
        According to Doris McCabe, the Center’s director, this is a skills sharing event and one she hopes will bring more young people to the Sedalia Center. The title comes from its goal to gather as much sustainable systems information together in one place as they can.
        Gathering will take place on Saturday, Oct. 6.