Today's News

  • JF to visit Amherst in Seminole showdown

      Can lightning strike twice?  Jefferson Forest hopes it can when it takes on Amherst, a team it topped 24-21 a year ago.

  • Glassmen to visit Liberty this Friday

      Step right up for your last chance to catch the Liberty football squad on its home turf...at least in a regular season game:  It is quite possible for the M-Men to open the playoffs at home.

  • All on the line for Eagles

      The ramifications of Friday night's game between Staunton River and host Lord Botetourt are plain.  The Eagles need this win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

  • Personal opinions: A response to Rick Howell

    By Clifford Russell

        I guess I should not be surprised Rick Howell is affiliated with Progressives.
        Mr. Cook’s statement of what I said is not accurate.  We were discussing what to do about the poverty produced by illegitimate children and I stated it would be better to execute the parents and put the child up for adoption.
        The following is the first section of my response to the article on the Progressive Web site.

  • Local GOP volunteer: Execute 'illegitimate' parents

    Mr. Clifford Russell’s letters in this paper have always made me chuckle; they’re so predictable and so extreme. He rants about something he calls the “atheistic, socialistic media.” He links Democrats to the Devil Himself, blaming our party for every possible social ill.
        He presents his very extreme right-wing views as somehow “Christian,” and of course, by doing that, he thinks he can justify it.

  • Do we really want to be like Europe?

        We have less than four weeks to go before election day when we will make decisions that will decide the direction in which our country moves.
        President Barack Obama, who wants four more years, seems to have a vision for turning America into Europe. Europe is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there and I’m glad that my German, English, Italian and Welsh ancestors came here, starting in the late 18th century. I’m very happy that I am not European.

  • Chicken text now goes to supervisors

        Bedford County’s planning commission didn’t chicken out when it came to backyard poultry.    Planning commission members voted unanimously last week to send a zoning ordinance text amendment to the board of supervisors that will allow a homeowner in a residential zone to have up to 18 chickens.

  • Dry weather didn’t help farms; Fall Festival is this Saturday

        It’s been dry a dry summer, but it could have been worse. P. W. Morgan, a Huddleston farmer still ended up with a green corn maze and plenty of pumpkins in his pumpkin patch.

        Morgan, like many area farmers takes steps to bring the public out to the farm. He has a corn maze every year and a pumpkin patch, selling pumpkins directly to the public. People can either pick their own in the pumpkin patch, or buy them already picked.

  • LHS student killed in crash

        Several hundred Liberty High School students and staff showed up at school Monday dressed in camouflage in tribute to a student from the school who was killed in a single vehicle crash early Sunday morning.
        The Virginia State Police are continuing their investigation into the crash that occurred around 12:15 a.m. on U.S. 460 just east of Route 898 in the Montvale area.

  • County man charged with stabbing wife

    A Bedford County man has been charged with stabbing his wife Thursday night.

    At 8:22 p.m. Thursday, Bedford County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a residence on Wheatland Road after receiving a call from a female reporting a domestic dispute at the address.