Today's News

  • We can’t wait – the Senate must act

    By Congressman Robert Hurt


    The past week I testified before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power in support of the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act, a bill I co-authored with Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD).


  • Working to protect American innovation and jobs

    two weeks ago special agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided a farmers market in Washington, D.C. They seized $3 million worth of counterfeit goods including purses, wallets, perfume, watches, shoes, clothes, music and movies. In total they found almost 20,000 pieces of counterfeit merchandise.


  • Town meeting

        By now you should have received a letter from the County with regard to the zoning of  your property under the new proposed Zoning Ordinance.  Some additional information has appeared in the local newspapers describing the ordinance changes. 

  • Alien cartoon correct about the GOP

        If ever there was a political cartoon that was just perfectly brilliant, it was the one in the Roanoke Times last week.

        In it, a man and his wife step outside onto their front porch to see a space ship sitting in the front yard. They look at and listen intently to the alien who has emerged from the craft.
    He says, “We have been watching transmissions of something called ‘the Republican debates,’ and we see no reason for your species to continue.”

  • Strange stories and an amazing fact

        This election season has been one of strange stories and amazing facts.

        One of the amazing facts is that, for the first time in the 14 years that I have been covering the Bedford area, there are contested elections. During those years, most school board and board of supervisors incumbents have run for reelection unopposed.

  • Get out and Vote!

    Next Tuesday is the big day! It's the day that we get to do more than just gripe about the government. It's the day we get to do something about it. Nov. 8 is election day.

        Last month the people of the little North African country of Tunisia got to exercise a basic human right that Americans have had for more than two centuries. That country had its first free and fair election in its history and that day didn't come easy. They had to run a dictator out of the country earlier this year and some Tunisians died in the effort.

  • Felony maiming charges certified to grand jury

        The 41-year-old Bedford woman charged with injuring two people as a result of a May 28 accident on Peaks Road had two felony counts of DUI maiming certified to the grand jury following a preliminary hearing Wednesday in Bedford County General District Court.

  • Apple Valley 5K raises funds for area organizations

        There will be runners of all ages running through Gross’ Orchard this Saturday as close to 200 entrants are expected to compete in the 14th annual Apple Valley 5K Cross Country race.

  • Randy Krantz has served as commonwealth's attorney since 1995

        Randy Krantz is seeking his fifth term as Bedford County's Commonwealth's Attorney and like all but one of his previous elections, he is running unopposed.

        First elected in 1995—his only contested election—Krantz says he has been “very privileged” to have served in his position. “I get to do a job I love in a hometown I love,” he said.
        Not that it's always easy.

  • County treasurer, commissioner of the revenue run unopposed

        Both Faye Eubank, Bedford County’s commissioner of the revenue, and Rebecca C. “Becky” Jones, Bedford County’s treasurer, were their predecessors’ chief deputy before being elected to their respective offices. Both the commissioner of the revenue and the treasurer are constitutional officers. Eubank and Jones are both running unopposed this year.