Today's News

  • A full assault on women’s rights

    The Virginia General Assembly is working hard to confound all the fears many of us had when Republicans refused a power-sharing agreement and stormed to all the power they could get after a 20-20 tie in the state senate.
        If anything, the power of the party’s most extreme members to get things done may be even worse than we imagined. What’s developed during this session, amid all the usual pro-gun bills, is nothing less than a militant assault on women’s rights.

  • President Obama scares me

        I’ve always strongly opposed most of President Barack Obama’s policies because I’ve thought most of them were really bad ideas. This includes ObamaCare, which I figured would take a health care system that had serious problems and make a total train wreck of it.

  • The big dog

    The Bedford County Board of Supervisors has spent the past year flexing its muscles and showing folks who’s in charge.
        And that show of strength probably isn’t over.

  • Take Your Family to School

    Last Thursday, parents of students at Bedford Primary School went back to the classroom.

        And it was a lot of fun!
        Thanks to a $1,000 grant from the National PTA, the school’s PTA was able to fund the event with close to 300 signing up to participate.
        Bedford Primary Principal Lisa Dellis was pleased with the turnout and the opportunity to strengthen support for the school’s students with parents and the community.

  • Two killed in single vehicle crash

        Two people were killed last week when a 1986 Chevy pick-up truck, driven by Andrew William Heck Jr., 44, of Goodview, crashed into the foundation of Goodview Grocery.

  • Technology in the classroom

        It’s a brand new world for students today.

        Smart boards have replaced chalk boards; iPads are now just as important as notebooks.
        Last Thursday, parents of students at Bedford Middle School had the chance to observe just how technology is changing the way their children learn.

  • All in the family: Foster parents provide home for area children

        Dwayne Shepherd, of Montvale, grew up in a large family that included foster and adopted children. His parents, Calvin and Martha Shepherd, had two biological children—Dwayne was one of them—and five adopted children. They also took in foster children.

        After Dwayne got married, he and his wife, Patti, were able to move into a four-bedroom house.
        “We felt God had blessed us with that extra room,” said Shepherd. “We felt we should share it.”

  • Mentoring program expands

        A teen mentoring program sponsored by the local American Association of University Women (AAUW) has expanded.

  • Business roundtables resume in this area

        Traci Blido, Bedford County’s new director of economic development, has resumed sponsoring business roundtables. The first of what she plans to be a quarterly event was held at Central Virginia Community College’s Bedford facility, Thursday.

        Blido presented statistics on the Bedford area. One was a list of the largest employers in Bedford County. While the top two were Bedford County Public Schools and Bedford County, the top five included TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Mail America and Georgia-Pacific.

  • SSL: Don’t take this message lightly

        SSL. Maybe you’ve seen it posted at an a Centertown business.