Today's News

  • Johnson’s Orchard receives Century Farm designation

        The Virginia Department of Agriculture has named Johnson’s Orchard as a Century Farm.

  • Cafe on Depot is open in the Electric Company building

        Cafe on Depot officially opened on April 9.

        The cafe occupies the restaurant facility at the east end of the Electric Company building. The building once housed Bedford’s electric department and you can still see the conduits, just below the edge of the roof, that once carried power lines out to the town. The building housed a steam-powered generator 120 years ago.
        Cafe on Depot is owned and operated by Kim Laverty.
        “I love cooking,” she said.

  • New middle school set to open

        To say Liberty Middle School Principal Dr. Shawn Trosper is just looking forward to school opening would be a vast understatement.

  • Council honors Whitehurst

        In a last minute addition to its agenda last Tuesday, Bedford Town Council presented a resolution to Dr. Cherie Whitehurst honoring her.

        Dr. Whitehurst, hired in 1990, has worked in all three of Bedford Public Schools attendance zones. At the time she was named assistant superintendent of schools in 2009, she was serving as Liberty High School’s principal. 
        Liberty High School was also her alma mater and her father, Jim Cutler, served as the high school’s head baseball coach for 40 years.

  • Right place, right time

        To a certain extent, police officers are never really off duty.

        Even when they are officially off duty, they respond immediately if they see something happening in front of them. That’s what happened, Sunday, when Corporal Sonny Daniels, of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, was enjoying some time off at Smith Mountain Lake at the state park’s beach.
        “I heard a lady scream,” he said.

  • Bedford man faces child porn charges

        On July 30, Gordon Matthew Goff, 24, of Rocky Ford Road, Bedford, was arrested in connection with an ongoing investigation into the sexual exploitation of children. 
        Investigators with the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, from both the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and the Town of Bedford Police Department, participated in the investigation, and execution of a search warrant at his residence.

  • Two retired principals criticize Dr. Schuch over question

        Two former principals, both of whom retired this year and both of whom are African-American and female, criticized Dr. Douglas Schuch,  the superintendent of schools, for a question he asked this spring when interviewing a candidate to replace one of them.
        Their comments were made during public comment time at last Thursday’s meeting of the Bedford County School Board.

  • Johnson responds to residency questions

        Since voting to reassign Dr. Cherie Whitehurst from deputy superintendent to instructional coach, District 2 School Board member Jason Johnson’s residency status has come under fire by some supporting Dr. Whitehurst.

  • Blind faith isn’t admirable

    By Beck Stanley

        Faith in an individual or an idea is admirable. Blind faith is not. Despite vivid evidence of a cultural crisis at Bedford County Public Schools under the leadership of Drs. Doug Schuch and Mac Duis, some elected officials remain steadfast in their support of these men.
        Here’s why you shouldn’t trust them.

  • ‘End times’ obsessions don’t justify Trump

        Last week, I wrote about the residents of a small Alabama town filled with white Trump supporters who resented the civil rights movement, obsessed over abortion, and regarded Trump’s election as “God’s plan.”
        By their own words, townspeople revealed their prejudice (“slaves were valued”), their hatred of Hillary Clinton, referred to as “of Satan,” and something else: Their obsession with what’s commonly known in fundamentalist Christian circles as “the end times.”