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  • Battleship diplomacy

      How, as Americans, do we present ourselves?

  • Youth will be served

      "Rejoice O young man, in thy youth."

  • Subjects arrested for malicious wounding

    On Thursday, March 7 Bedford County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to 1164 East Lynchburg-Salem Turnpike for a fight in progress call.

    When they arrived, deputies found a man with a laceration to the face. The subject, identified as Carson Elkins, 45 of Bedford, described that an altercation had ensued between him and another subject, identified as Sherwood Blake, 45 of Bedford, over Blake throwing a rock at the Elkins’s vehicle.

  • Update: BCSO releases information on suspect

    Bedford County Sheriff’s deputies have identified the suspect in the photo as Michael Wayne Kidd, age 43, Bedford

    Deputies have obtained warrants for Kidd for larceny, forgery and fraud.

    On Saturday February 23, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office received a call reporting the larceny of several items taken from the Faith Life Baptist Church in Montvale.

  • Now is the time get leadership from the President and the Senate

    By Robert Hurt

    Each month we provide an address to the people of Virginia’s 5th District to keep you posted on the work we are doing in Washington and throughout the District. You may read our February video address below:


  • Making America more free and competitive
  • Read the Record

    By Douglas W. Rideout Jr.

        The people’s voice of concern for the future of Bedford County is documented and formulated into the Comprehensive Plan, which was tabulated by scientific surveys. In a true democracy the “voice of the people,” as expressed in the Comprehensive Plan, is carried out by the elected leaders. One major issue of concern to 95 percent of all citizens surveyed is the protection of Agricultural Lands within Bedford County.

  • Some Republicans balk at Cuccinelli

    It’s fair to say that in Virgnia we’ve never had an attorney general quite like Ken Cuccinelli.
        In a sense, Cuccinelli has made more news over the last four years than has the governor, Bob McDonnell.
        He has taken his office, which has only a few simple constitutionally-prescribed duties, and turned it into a raging tea-party front for his decidedly extreme right-wing views.

  • Private sector unions are fine

        It’s apparent, from Rick Howell’s Liberal Agenda, last week, that he never read the column I wrote for the Sept. 12, 2001, edition of the Bedford Bulletin. In that column, I lauded private sector unions and, I believe, I did a far better job of it than Mr. Howell did last week.

  • $85 billion?

    ll of this hoopla over $85 billion? Really? That’s what we’re supposed to believe?
        If the federal government can’t figure out how to cut $85 billion from a $3.8 trillion budget, we’re in deeper trouble than we thought.
        Three-fourths of this nation’s citizens don’t yet know what sequestration is—and even less really care. The President and Congress just don’t get it; we want a government that truly serves the people, not their own political interests.