Today's News

  • West a good choice for SCC

    By Del. Kathy J. Byron
    22nd House District

        The General Assembly elected a new judge to serve on the three-member State Corporation Commission this week.  Ordinarily, such appointments are little noticed by the general public, since most do not understand how great the Commission’s authority is.

  • Second Amendment rights preserved

    By Delegate Terry L. Austin
    19th House District

        The second week of session has concluded, and the work of the General Assembly is in full swing. House Republicans protected your second amendment rights, helped elect a qualified judge to the SCC, laid out a plan for middle-class tax relief and explained how we can better align higher education with workforce development.

  • Syndicated columnist totally nails Trump

        As Donald Trump rose to the Republican presidential nomination in 2015 and ’16, it became clear to many conservative Republicans that he knew little about their movement and had no understanding of its origins.

  • Why all the cop killing?

        It seems like 2019 is opening with a lot of police officers being shot and killed.
        These aren’t cases of an officer being shot in the line of duty trying to stop a person in the act of committing a crime. That’s a risk that comes with the job. These cop killings have been cases in which the officer has been deliberately targeted. The killer wanted to kill a police officer.

  • Rush to judgment

        There seems to be obsession with some in the media to destroy anything or anyone associated with President Trump.
        And many times that means rushing to judgment on stories before all the facts are known.
        We saw that play out in the confirmation hearings of now US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as his accusers’ reports proved to be—at best—unsubstantiated and uncorroborated and at worst out-right lies.
        This week has seen more of the same.

  • FMS project moves ahead

        The Bedford County School Board voted Thursday to reappoint Julie Bennington as board chair and Jason Johnson as vice chair for the upcoming year.
        Both votes at the organizational meeting of the board were 5-1 in favor of those appointments.
        Bennington, Johnson, Marcus Hill, John Hicks and Richard Downey voted in favor of Bennington’s and Johnson’s appointments while Martin Leamy voted in favor of Susan Kirby. Kirby was not present when the vote was taken.

  • Bedford PD catches suspects in fraud case

        A scheme to cash fraudulent checks throughout Virginia may have been thwarted by local law enforcement following an incident last Wednesday in Bedford.

  • WWII vet celebrates 99th birthday

        The number of living World War II veterans is rapidly dwindling.

  • MLK Jr. Day

    By Megan Tomoney

    Intern Writer

        To some, when they see Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the calendar, they smile because they don’t have to go to work or school.
        But to many that day means a lot more. It symbolizes a man whose dream was to unite the people of America, and have them work together as one people, rather than separating themselves like they did in his time.

  • Students give intro to music

        A group of Staunton River High School students, and three recent graduates, showed up at Moneta Elementary School recently in an effort to get students interested in musical instruments.