Today's News

  • Time for a change

    Eric Holder has to go.
        Controversial from the start, the US Attorney General has gone so far over the line even many on his side of the fence have had enough.
        Just this week, when asked by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte to go on the record to explain his contradictory testimony—as in what he said about not wanting to punish journalists just doing their job, while at the same time seeking to do just that—Holder refused to appear, instead having a subordinate file a letter on his behalf.

  • Shooting leads to charges being filed

        A shooting that occurred at a Huddleston residence Wednesday night has led to a number of charges being filed.
        According to a report from the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, at 10 p.m. Wednesday night, Bedford County dispatchers received a call from Jody Roach of  Roach Town Road, Huddleston, stating that she had fired a gun through her door at two subjects standing outside of her residence.

  • Landmark sells Roanoke times

        Landmark Media Enterprises, owner of The Bedford Bulletin, announced that it sold The Roanoke Times to Warren Buffett’s BH Media Group on Friday.
        The sale has no effect on operations of the Bulletin. The newspaper will continue to be printed at The Roanoke Times’ plant, as it has been since 2005.
        The Bulletin will continue to be operated by Landmark Community Newspapers.

  • Bedford City Council close to adopting budget—for the town

    By Tom Wilmoth and John Barnhart

        With no residents showing up to speak at a public hearing on the proposed budget for the town of Bedford, which becomes a reality July 1 when the city officially reverts to a town, Bedford City Council is now ready to finalize the community’s first town budget in more than four decades.

  • Teva helps out at D-Day Memorial

        Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Forest facility was looking for a community project, according to Paul Opdyke, the facility’s human resources director.
        The company settled on helping the National D-Day Memorial get ready for the D-Day anniversary observance on June 6. Opdyke said that he and the plant manager both have been involved in similar projects in other areas. He asked plant employees if they were interested.
        “The response was overwhelming,” he said.

  • Big Island will keep 6th grade

        Next year’s sixth grade class at Big Island Elementary will be small, and likely combined with some fifth graders to fill out the class.
        Out of the 18 rising sixth graders, six of those have chosen to transfer to Bedford Middle School, leaving only 12 slated to remain at Big Island. But at last Thursday’s Bedford County School Board meeting a proposal to move all of the students to BMS failed.

  • Local pharmacists actions go beyond filling prescriptions

        The Bedford County Department of Fire and Rescue honored volunteer first responders for their work in the past year during a ceremony last Thursday.

        Firefighters run into burning buildings when everybody else runs out. EMTs and paramedics keep people alive during medical emergencies as they transport them to the hospital. Two of the people honored, however, were not firefighters or rescue squad members—Bruno Andrade and Alex  Lenhart are CVS pharmacists.

  • Board turns down sheriff

        Last week’s supervisors’ meeting began with John Briscoe asking them, during the citizen comment period at the meeting’s beginning, to avoid doing anything that is not revenue neutral.
        Briscoe’s comments were in reference to a request from Sheriff Mike Brown to apply for a federal grant to pay for three school resource officers (SRO) for the county’s elementary schools. Briscoe said that grants like this can increase both the size of the budget and the size of the county’s government.

  • Bedford community says goodbye to John Turner

    By Tom Wilmoth
    and John Barnhart

        A lot has changed from the time John Massie Turner served with the Bedford Fire Department until today.
        But the mission hasn’t. Just like it was in the years he served, the department’s goal has been passed on to each generation—to be an aggressive interior firefighting company that gets in, puts the fires out and keeps damage to a minimum.

  • There will be fireworks — but not in Bedford

    This July 4 the skies surrounding Bedford will be dark—and quiet.