Today's News

  • Smooth as...well, Glass!

    That shot you just heard sail across the bow?  That came from the guns of E.C. Glass.

  • Lady Eagles top Min-'Nets'

      Staunton River continued its impressive start to the volleyball season.  The Golden Eagles showed a never-say-die mind-set in taking county rival Liberty in four games.

  • Child drowns at Smith Mountain Lake


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    At 12:26 p.m. Sunday Bedford County 911 dispatchers received a call from a Goodview residence reporting a 6-year-old child missing from the home on Smith Mountain Lake.

    The caller advised that the child had been missing 15 minutes prior to making the call. Rescue personnel along with law enforcement were dispatched to the scene. At 3:26 p.m. divers located the victim’s body a short distance from the dock where he was last seen.

  • We must put an end to four straight years of trillion dollar deficits

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • The House has acted to address high fuel prices

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    As I travel the 5th District, I constantly hear concerns regarding rising fuel prices that continue to negatively impact our families and small businesses and harm our much-needed economic recovery.


  • Presidential power grabs

    Since President George Washington's first executive order in 1789, instructing his cabinet members to make a "clear account" of matters within their departments, presidents have issued executive orders to set uniform standards for managing the executive branch or outline a policy view intended to influence the public policy goals of their Administration.


  • Keeping our children safe at school

    By Deidre Wilkinson

        Here we go again, another school year another student sexual victim in a Bedford County high school.
        As another school year is upon us, parents may wonder about the safety of their children while they are at school. In the past couple of years at least three students were not kept safe while at school. They were victims of sexual abuse by adults employed at each of our three Bedford County public high schools.

  • Virginia State Fair returns to its roots

    By Matthew J. Lohr
        I learned a valuable lesson from my parents. Actually, I learned many of them, but this one has served me especially well throughout my life: sometimes when things look bleak, we need to think outside the box and discover new opportunities and possibilities. So it has been with the State Fair of Virginia this year.

  • Todd Akin’s scary wing of the GOP

    I have a fundamental question about the presidential campaign at this point: If the economy is so terrible and Barack Obama is such a failed, Kenyan socialist, why doesn’t Mitt Romney hold a commanding lead in the polls?
        One answer is this: Every time it looks like Romney might be about to build a little momentum, something happens to show just how extreme his party has become.

  • Donkey party hypocrisy

        President Barack Obama spent quite a bit of time blasting private-equity firms, once it became obvious that Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee. It seems, however, that private-firms are just fine when he needs their services.