Today's News

  • Forest man to serve 15 years for child porn convictions

        A Forest man will spend 15 years in prison for possessing and reproducing child pornography.
        Gregory Winston Robertson, 44, was sentenced on 25 felony counts—15 possession of child pornography and 10 counts of reproducing it—during a hearing in Bedford County Circuit Court last Tuesday. He had previously pleaded guilty to the charges.

  • Passionate about Bedford

        Elizabeth Berry-Mosley was known as a person who did the jobs that nobody else wanted to do.

        “We were on two boards together,” said Sergei Troubetzkoy, the Bedford area’s director of tourism. “Whatever she did, she never really sought credit for it. She would be the first one on the committee to volunteer for something no one else wanted to do.”
        Berry-Mosley died Wednesday, Aug. 29.

  • Chaplain urges group at 9/11 prayer breakfast to help repair the faith of others

        Tuesday marked the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Bedford Christian Fellowship sponsored a prayer breakfast to mark the event.

        Chaplain Matthew Stevens, a Navy chaplain at the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, was the keynote speaker. Stevens said that his wife has a very personal experience from Sept. 11, 2001. She was working in the Washington D. C. area at the time.
        “She saw the plane [that hit the Pentagon] come in,” he said.

  • Passing on the command

        The men of Bedford’s National Guard company, Company A, gathered at the National D-Day Memorial Saturday morning for a change of command ceremony.

        The heart of the ceremony consisted of outgoing company commander Captain Miguel Lickliter accepting the company guidon from the company first sergeant, handing it to the battalion commander who, in turn, passed it to the 1st Lieutenant Sidney Leslie, who then returned it to the company 1st sergeant.

  • School Board considers adding initiatives to strategic plan

        District 6 School Board member Kelly Harmony had one question about a proposed wellness program for students in Bedford County Public Schools: Will this lead the school system to begin patrolling lunch boxes in the cafeteria?
        The answer: That’s yet to be determined.
        During a work session last Thursday, members of the School Board discussed proposed changes to the school system’s strategic plan. One of the three proposed changes includes implementing a comprehensive student wellness program.

  • Heroes Run marks 9/11 pain, subsequent sacrifices

        On Saturday, one of the few tangible examples of supporting our troops took place.  

        A large number of folks gathered at the Aid Station, in Forest.  They did so to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and to honor those that have sacrificed in the name of eradicating terror.
        They did it by running.
        They did it by walking.
        They did it by cheering.

  • Putney recovering well

        Delegate Lacey Putney is on track to a complete recovery after a series of radiation treatments for cancerous cells on his vocal chords.

  • Cav greensmen make up ground

      Whoever said "Home is where the heart is," certainly had the Jefferson Forest golf crew in mind.

  • Sports commentary: Political football

      Sometimes I change my mind mid-column.  That's why having commands such as "cut" and "delete" and "paste" are so handy.

  • Calling off the Hounds

      Jefferson Forest Head Coach Don Rice often says he's just as happy with a 2-0 win as he is with any other score.