Today's News

  • It’s still the economy, stupid

        The now well-known phrase, “it’s the economy, stupid,” was coined by James Carville during the 1992 presidential election.
        Carville, the crafty Louisiana-born brain behind Bill Clinton’s campaign, even had the phrase written on the blackboard to remind the Clinton team that whatever else might distract them, the economy was the most important issue.

  • June 6, 1944

        It was 68 years ago today that thousands of American, British and Canadian soldiers boarded landing craft for one of the decisive battles of World War II.
        The United States had wanted to do it the year before. We wanted something to bring the war to a successful end as quickly as possible. The Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin had also been clamoring for the Western allies to open up a second front against the Germans. Winston Churchill, however, had balked. He seemed to want to piddle around in the Mediterranean.

  • Banning the Big Gulp

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t want residents in his city drinking Big Gulps—or any other sugary soda offered for sale at more than 16 ounces a pop.
        His position is inconsistent, at best.
        Bloomberg states his goal is to reduce obesity and the Big Gulp is to blame. He claims the heart of the bulging problem is that evil, sugary soda pumping through the veins of NYC’s residents and guests.
        Government must step in, according to Dr. Bloomberg.

  • Republican primary scheduled for Tuesday

        Republicans will hold a primary next week—Tuesday, June 12—to select a candidate to run for the United States Senate as well as the House of Representatives.

  • Here are some activities you might want to enjoy this summer

    By Laura Enderson
    Intern Writer

        Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of local and other places/activities for your family to enjoy this summer.

        Summer is the time to take a vacation from work or encourage the kids to get off the couch for a day or two. If the family is still in need of a few new ideas or just need to be reminded of some of Virginia’s classics, here are a few family friendly travel ideas for this upcoming week.

  • Event to benefit Alzheimer’s research

        Annette Carter believes that Alzheimer’s doesn’t get the attention it should.

        She notes that there are all sorts of activities around to raise awareness about cancer, but little about Alzheimer’s. Not that she begrudges the attention that cancer gets, but she would like to see more done to raise awareness about the devastating brain disease known as Alzheimer’s.

  • New ramp will allow easier access to municipal building

    By Laura Enderson
    Intern Writer

        Changes are being made to the city Municipal Building as city officials install an accessibility ramp, along with rails and an automatic door for easier access for the public.
        “It’s an improvement on access abilities,” said Charles Kolakowski, Bedford’s city manager. “It should be very helpful for people that have difficulty with stairs.”

  • CVCC has new workforce development director

    Central Virginia Community College (CVCC) got a new face in workforce development this year.

        Dr. Ruth Z. Hendrick came on board in February as vice president for workforce development and continuing education. Her job is to work with companies to provide the worker training that they need. In this role, she will work with both existing businesses as well as new businesses that come into the area. She also looks for grants to pay for this.

  • With primary approaching, Allen tours Bedford

        George Allen made a stop in Bedford, Friday, during a campaign tour. Allen is seeking the Republican nomination to run for Senate this fall. The nomination will be decided in a primary scheduled for June 12.

        Allen stopped by several Bridge Street businesses talking with owners before holding a small rally in a hallway in the County Administration Building. One stop was Frederic’s Flowers, where Allen asked owner Ricky Wilkerson what could be done to help small businesses.

  • Local artisans hope Trail will lead to Bedford

        Bedford continues to look for ways to promote its artisan community.

        Close to 50 people turned out for a presentation on establishing an Artisan Trail in the Bedford area.
        “Bedford is ready for this,” said Brigitte Peterson, who introduced the program. Peterson works for Bedford County.
        “I am the procurement department,” she said when asked what her job is. “Right now I am trying to procure an Artisan Trail.”