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  • Life Saving Crew seeks more help

        Since 1943 there has been a group of area residents committed to serving Bedford area residents who, many times, were having the worst day of their life.

        On July 8 of that year, the first members of the Bedford Life Saving and First Aid Crew—15 men strong—began their journey.
        Today, the crew members who have followed them, are simply known as the Bedford Life Saving Crew. They're carrying on that original tradition of service.
        And they need more help.

  • They're ready to respond

        Lynch Manley learned early on just how bad some rescue calls can get.

        In fact, he found out on his very first call.
        That was in 1964 when a private plane crashed near New London. There were several fatalities and the damage was extensive.
        But that incident didn’t deter Lynch from volunteering with the Bedford Life Saving Crew, something he’s continued to do for 47 straight years.

  • Woman Rescued in Somalia Has Ties To Bedford

    An American aid worker with a Bedford County connection was rescued from Somali pirates last night in a nighttime raid by Navy SEALs.

    Jessica Buchanan, whose father, according to an NBC report, lives in Goode, had been working with the Danish Refugee Council when she and a Dane, Poul Hagen Thisted, were kidnapped in October. Thisted was also rescued in the raid.

    Buchannan and Thisted were working with a de-mining unit of the Refugee Council when they were kidnapped. The organization has been clearing mines and unexploded ordnance in Africa and the Middle East.

  • President Obama's Statement on Hostage Rescue of Jessica Buchanan


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         A woman with ties to Bedford County had been held hostage in Somalia since October. Last night a successful military hostage rescue was executed by Special Operations Forces. President Obama's statement on the rescue follows:


  • Determined to serve

        One of the great ironies of life is the soldier who survives combat, only to be killed in an accident shortly after coming home safe and sound.

        This is exactly what happened to William Tyler Holbrook. He was supposed to arrive at his parents’ Bedford County home on Christmas Eve. Instead, two Army officers in dress blues, one a chaplain, showed up that evening, bearing the bad news that their son had been killed in an automobile accident that morning.

  • Zaring is the man

      How do you top the year of your dreams?

  • A one-man show

      Bob Holmes rolled into Moneta with 16,000 wins under his belt.

  • Sports commentary: Super pricetag

      Each year, I like to amuse myself by fantasizing that I'm going to the Super Bowl.

  • Mini-men are mighty

      Swimming is often a numbers sport.

  • 'Break out the icepicks'

      So, you think the Giants beating the 49ers was a big upset?  And Newt Gingrich winning in South Carolina:   Stunning, right?