Today's News

  • New chairman

    It took a few votes, but the Bedford County School Board finally elected its new chairman,  District 2 board member Dave Vaden.

        Vaden got the nod over District 5 board member Julie Bennington.

  • Cujo will head back into the fray

    When the boxing is good, why waste time on trash talk?

  • Sports commentary: CliffsNotes

      It's all about time management.

  • True grit II: Undermanned Eagles fall to Minutemen

      There's a new fashion trend in Moneta.  Well, at least there's one on the Staunton River boys basketball team.

  • True grit: Lady Eagles take Lord Bot to the max

      Try telling the Staunton River Lady Eagles that they had no business being on the same court as Blue Ridge District powerhouse Lord Botetourt.

  • Hitchens was no hero of mine

    I have enough ego to enjoy seeing my name on this page not once, but twice, and in a headline at that. Pretty cool!
        But I don’t think that my opposite here, the one who “speaks conservatively,” meant to flatter me when he titled his last column “Howell’s Hero and other thoughts.”

  • A pox on both their houses

        I suspect that the outcome of this fall’s elections won’t revolve around which party the American electorate likes the best. It’s more likely that the party, with which Americans are least disgusted, will come out on top. Neither “Democrats” nor Republicans came out of last year’s legislative Chinese fire drills looking good.

  • Families needed locally for foster, adoptive care

    The Bedford area needs more families willing to take in foster children; and more families willing to adopt those children in foster care.
        During any given week, there are some 57 children from Bedford and Bedford County in foster care. During this past year more than 110 children came through the system.
        And some are waiting to be adopted. Now.

  • Virginia should retain AAA rating

    Virginia should retain its current AAA bond rating, according to Delegate Lacey Putney.

        Putney, who chairs the House Appropriations Committee, accompanied Governor Bob McDonnell to New York to talk to the three bond rating agencies—Fitch Ratings, Moody’s  and Standard and Poor’s. All three of them give Virginia’s bonds a AAA rating. Standard and Poor’s downgraded U. S. sovereign debt last year.

  • Supervisors reorganize

        The Bedford County Board of supervisors held its organizational meeting Monday night in which members selected a chairman and vice chairman for the rest of the year.

        The supervisors follow a rotation and this year is District 2 Supervisor Chuck Neudorfer’s turn to head the board. Neudorfer was unanimously chosen as chairman and District 5 Supervisor Steve Arrington was unanimously chosen as vice chairman.