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        Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown spent much of Monday meeting with principals at county schools that have school resource officers from his department in them.

  • The House passes more bipartisan jobs and regulatory relief bills

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    With unemployment remaining unacceptably high across the 5th District and 14 million Americans without a job, the House has been working since the start of the 112th Congress to pass legislation that would remove the government as a roadblock to job creation and reverse the job-destroying policies of the past two and a half years.


  • Working to protect America’s farmers and consumers

    The most recent unemployment numbers were released last week. Unfortunately they confirmed what most Americans already know: we continue to face economic uncertainty. For September the national unemployment rate stayed at 9.1%, the same rate as August and the second highest monthly level so far this year. As our economy remains sluggish, people fear losing their jobs and their homes and they are struggling to provide for their families.


  • Herman Cain, and ‘Occupy Wall Street'

        As one Washington Post columnist put it: “Just be patient; you too can lead the field for the Republican presidential nomination.”

        I guess it’s just Herman Cain’s turn right now, given the collapse of Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and all the other would-be “not Mitt Romney” candidates.

  • The cost of abortion on demand

        Back in the 1950s a young woman named Joanne Schieble was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. While there, she became romantically involved with another graduate student, a PhD candidate from Syria. The relationship turned sexual and, in 1954, she got pregnant.

        Her father did not approve of the man she was involved with, so she didn’t marry him at the time. She temporarily left school, went to San Francisco and stayed there until she gave birth. She then gave the baby boy up for adoption.

  • Facility puts area on cutting edge of nuclear technology

        If you drive out to the Center for Advanced Engineering and Research (CAER) in New London, one of the first sites that catches your eye is a 117-foot tall tower. What’s inside is helping to put Bedford County on the cutting edge of nuclear power.

  • Voter cards are out; voter turnout may be low

        New voter cards have been sent out, according to Barbara Gunter, the county registrar.

  • Planning commission denies rezoning request for shooting range

    After three hours worth of public hearings and discussion, the Bedford County Planning Commission made one decision concerning a shooting range on Va. 811 (Thomas Jefferson Road) and postponed making a second one.

  • Medicare Part D has changed; enrollment underway

        Open enrollment for Medicare Part D began this past Saturday and there are folks in the Bedford area who are ready to help people navigate the process. Part D is Medicare’s prescription drug program.

        According to Geoff Hubbard, chairman of the local parish nurse board of directors, Part D is always provided by a private company. There are currently about 30 programs that people can chose from.

  • Bomb threat at JF leads to evacuation

        A message, found at Jefferson Forest High School Monday morning, threatening to blow up the school led to the evacuation of the school.

        According to Ryan Edwards, the school division’s spokesman, school administrators became aware of the bomb threat shortly before 9 a.m. and evacuated the school. Sheriff’s deputies, along with school administrators conducted a visual search of the school. This was followed up with a search by bomb sniffing dogs.