Today's News

  • Citizen group says supervisors violated state law

        A group that calls itself Bedford Above Board, is unhappy with the way the county went about notifying citizens of a public hearing on the zoning ordinance. The hearing, on changes that the board of supervisors plans to make to the county’s zoning ordinance, was held in November. It ended up being held in two parts because the supervisors’ meeting chamber was not big enough to hold the crowd that turned out. It was reconvened to Bedford Science and Technology Center the following week.

  • Father and son form team for rodeo steer roping event

        Twenty years ago Street Overstreet found a way to have both quality time and quantity time with his son, Brandon. He taught him to rope steers and they formed a father and son rodeo team.

        “I grew up around horses and cattle all my life,” said Street. “I wanted to be able to do stuff we could do together.”
        Brandon is now 26, and the two men compete in rodeo team roping events.

  • Sports commentary: Beknighted

      Over the course of the season, you've been exposed to plenty of propaganda telling you how the NFL is made up of a bunch of great guys.

  • Heritage gets grinchy on M-Men

      Don't bury these guys yet.

  • All Region III football - First team

    First Team Offense

    Quarterback: Kendall Becraft Brookville Junior

  • SHORE-ing up Fifth District private property rights

    By Congressman Robert Hurt
    The information I hear from constituents continues to be my best resource as I serve you in Washington.  And as I speak with Fifth District Virginians, it remains clear to me that their biggest concern is stifled job creation caused by federal government over-reach creating unnecessary burdens for individuals and small businesses.


  • A wish for peace and goodwill throughout the year

  • Answering the call

    By Marci Stone

    Deputy Chief
    Bedford County Department of Fire and Rescue

        For hundreds of years people have been volunteering to come to the aid of their fellow man during emergency situations. 

  • Merry Christmas! Let there be peace!

            In the Christmas season we say goodbye to one year and contemplate the arrival of another.

        2011’s passage should not be noted without mentioning the end of one of America’s great mistakes in the modern era: the unnecessary war in Iraq.
        George W. Bush and his warmonger sidekick, Dick Cheney, brought shame and ridicule upon this country with the war and their support of “waterboarding,” which they insisted was not torture.

  • We’ll find out next year

        All the newly elected folks got sworn in last week. Now, they can be sworn at. Actually, I hope you don’t swear at them. Be sure to call them and e-mail them to share your thoughts on actions before the Board of Supervisors and School Board, but be sure to be polite and reasonable. These folks do pay attention to what people who call them or speak at public hearings have to say.

        It will be interesting to see what these two elected bodies will do next year as both have a number of new faces.