Today's News

  • Cut the Pentagon budget deeply

        Finally, there is a consensus on both sides of the aisle in Congress that, yes, military spending is far too high and has been for quite some time.

        Therefore, it must be cut, especially at a time when everyone else (except the rich, of course) is being asked to sacrifice. We have to reform a military budget that is roughly one quarter of what we spend each year.

  • Terrorists and enemies?

         Last week saw some pretty outlandish outbursts from the left ranging from the highest levels, (Vice President Joe Biden) to the lowest (Rick Howell’s The Liberal Agenda).

        Uncle Joe called tea party backed Republicans “terrorists.” Biden made the remark in a closed door “Democratic” caucus meeting and later denied making it. However, according to Politico’s website, several sources who were present at the meeting stated that Biden indeed said it.

  • Put out the fire!

    History was made Friday when Standard & Poors, one of three ratings agencies, downgraded American sovereign debt from AAA to AA+. It's the first time ever that America's credit rating has taken a hit. The downgrade affects long-term bonds.

  • School board learns about blended learning

        Computer-based learning is where education is headed, according to Dr. Allison Powell, a representative of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning.

        “It isn’t just a trend or fad that is going to go away,” she said.

  • Exploring the darker side of Bedford's history

        Along with serving as manager of the Bedford Museum, and getting antique radios working, Doug Cooper has been doing a murder investigation. He made a presentation of his findings to a gathering that packed the museum’s third floor last month.

  • Running around on Mr. Jefferson’s property

        Poplar Forest hosted its first “Dirty Dozen” run with 220 people turning out on a humid Saturday morning.

        The race took its name from a dozen obstacles on the three mile course that took runners through woods and fields over Thomas Jefferson’s land. The obstacles included a huge log to hurdle and a pair of round hay bales to climb over and a creek to cross.

  • Appreciate a pet by adopting one, Bedford Humane Society urges

        Tractor Supply observes an annual Pet Appreciation Week, according to Michelle Behrns, administrative director of the Bedford Humane Society.

        “It’s a nationwide event that Tractor Supply is hosting across the U. S.,” she said.
        Behrns said that they signed up to spend several hours at Bedford’s Tractor Supply, Saturday. The idea was to raise awareness about the number of homeless animals “and hopefully adopt some of ours today.”

  • Liberty B Team football starts up

      Liberty High School's B-team will start up this Friday, Aug. 12, at 8 am. at the high school. The activity bus will arrive there at 7:30.

    There will also be a parents meeting on Monday, Aug. 15, at 7 p.m. 

  • Henrico County police officer arrested

        Allen Hoffman, 30, a Henrico County police officer, was arrested in a Bedford County home late Friday night. According to State Police, Hoffman was taken into custody without resistance and has been charged with possession and production of child pornography. Both are felony charges.

  • Two to vie for District 1 school board seat

        Joy Wright, the two term incumbent who currently holds the District 1 school board seat, won't be in this year's election.

        "When I originally took the seat, I said that I would only serve two terms," she said. "I think eight years is enough."