Today's News

  • Humane Society closer to finding site for animal shelter

    Society is seeking help to find foster homes for the animals it has now.

    According to Bedford Humane Society executive director Doreen Ehasz, the organization is in need of caring, temporary homes for foster animals.

  • Did you hear?

    Tattoos and sidewalks

    The Bedford Planning Commission took a look at tattoo parlors and sidewalks during its meeting held last Thursday. A tattoo parlor appears to be on the way and a sidewalk will likely appear along Independence Boulevard, though only in places.

  • Law enforcement honored

    For the fifth year, Bedford Domestic Violence Services has honored local law enforcement with its Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD) awards.

    According to Connie St. John, Bedford Domestic Violence Services' director, the award highlights the local collaborative climate between law enforcement, the court system, social services and Bedford Domestic Violence Services. St. John said that she works around the state and this collaborative environment doesn't exist in all localities.

  • Nine for now

    In 2001 Mike and Pam Poff were ready to take over a youth group at their church.

    But the night before that announcement was going to be made everything changed. Pregnant with what she believed was twins, Pam suffered complications late one night and went to Bedford Memorial Hospital. An ultrasound technician was called in.

  • DEQ meets with neighbors of sewage treatment plant

    Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) held a public information meeting Monday night at Camp Jaycee, on the department’s intention to reissue a permit for the camp’s sewage treatment plant.

    According to District 6 Supervisor Annie Pollard, the board of supervisors had originally asked DEQ to hold a public hearing on the permit reissuance. After DEQ denied this request, the county requested a public information meeting.

  • Library renewal

    Sometimes one project reveals the need for another. This happened at Bedford’s Central Library.

  • BCSO: Students threaten teacher

    Charges are pending against two sixth grade students at Montvale Elementary School for disorderly conduct as a result of an investigation in which a teacher’s life was allegedly threatened.

  • District changes look like a

    While nothing is official, it appears that the proposed adjustments to the Seminole District will be approved.

    As a result, the District will be saying so-long to Bedford County?s Staunton River and hello to Lynchburg?s E.C. Glass. The changes will take place at the start of the 2009-10 school year.

  • Lady Cav kickers perfect at midpoint in Seminole

    In a development that has surprised nobody, the Jefferson Forest girls? soccer squad has run the first half of the Seminole season by going 6-0.

    So, one has to look for little surprises, such as the fact that the Lady Cavs gave up only one goal to their Seminole pals. That the goal was scored by cellar-dwelling Rustburg is fodder for future musings.

    Last week, Forest took care of Brookville, dispatching the Bees by the score of 6-0. Once again, the team showed balanced scoring, strong defense and unmatchable depth.

  • How the NHL iced itself--Commentary

    Although nobody can blame you if you haven?t noticed, the NHL post-season is well under way.

    If you happen to get the Versus channel (formerly known as the Outdoor Life channel), you may actually have watched some of the games.

    I have not and I shall not. Besides the fact that I don?t have access to the channel that shows most of the games (NBC carries a few), I?ve lost interest in a sport that I followed from boyhood.