• Correct the mistake

        Last month Bedford upset a lot of its citizens when it took down the two civic signs at the U. S. 460 and U. S. 221 entrances to town.  The civic organizations that had logos on the signs were upset. A lot of residents suspected it was a politically correct move because one of the organizations with a logo on the signs is the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Their logo is a Confederate battle flag.

  • Democratic candidates sharpen their aim

        The debate last week in Houston among the leading Democratic presidential candidates featured a necessary battle over health care, a few stiff-armed shots at each other, but most importantly, an acknowledgement of their ultimate task: Donald Trump has got to go.

  • Trump will have primary opponents!

        In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is the British version of Donald Trump. Their clown is just as arrogant, ignorant, and boorish as our clown.
         But in the UK, members of Johnson’s party stood up to him on his reckless plan to leave the European Union without even some basic economic agreements.

  • China has the upper hand

        Protests continue against a proposed law in Hong Kong that would allow people to be extradited to the Chines mainland.
        Demonstrations against the proposed bill began in March. Protestors say the bill undermines Hong Kong’s autonomy, guaranteed for 50 years by the treaty under which Britain returned Hong Kong to China. Hong Kong’s chief executive suspended the bill and, last week, withdrew it. The protests and clashes between protesters and police continue.

  • A call to Trump’s ‘Christians:’ Repent!

        Any discussion of the bizarre rise of Donald Trump is often met with the question, “How do Christians claim to support him?”
        Indeed, many people who aren’t even particularly religious themselves wonder how people who claim to follow the tenets of Christianity can attach themselves to a narcissistic, immoral, corrupt man who clearly doesn’t even try to live a “Christian life.”  

  • Trump’s political skills a mixed bag

        President Donald Trump’s political skills seem to range wildly from very shrewd to “Where is your head?
        We recently got an example of the latter when President Trump suddenly offered to buy Greenland from Denmark. When the Danish government refused to sell, President Trump, in an apparent fit of pique, cancelled a scheduled state visit to Denmark. Keep in mind that Denmark has been an ally for decades.

  • Religious diversity should make us proud

        Donald Trump’s bigotry is certainly not limited to blacks and Hispanics. After his tragic installation as president, one of his first acts was a Muslim travel ban.
         During the campaign, he’d made up a story about seeing “thousands of Muslims cheering” somewhere in New York on the day of the 9/11 attacks. No one else saw it; it didn’t happen. It was one of his many lies, but one that was instructive of his deep prejudice against those who practice Islam.

  • Lenin is still at work

        I haven’t seen much lately about the power struggle between Speaker of the House Nany Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her gang of four. Perhaps President Trump’s infamous “go back where you came from” tweet at the end of July achieved its purpose.

  • The wretch doesn’t even have a dog

         In America today, and ever since 2017, each week brings a new outrage from the Oval Office, a new twist of ignorance, extremism, school yard petulance, and worst of all, wrong-headed policy decisions often made by a tweet.

  • It looks like we are going down the tubes

        I’m an optimist of sorts. If somebody says things can’t get any worse, I’ll reply, oh yes they can. Actually, I’m the sort of person who sees the glass as half empty and believes that every silver lining has a dark cloud.
        I began my column this way because I’m not optimistic about America’s future and I wanted to first remind everybody that I naturally tend to take a gloomy view of the future.