• Women will lead the way this fall

        “Liberal Women of Chesterfield County” didn’t exist until “tea party” stalwart Dave Brat shocked and defeated the Republican then-GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor in 2014.
        Brat went on to Congress, where he has done little but obsess over “repeal and replace,” the angry plan to take away benefits under the Affordable Care Act. Thank goodness they’ve failed; the ACA is still the law of the land and has provided health insurance coverage to about 25 million people.

  • Trump vs. Obama

        The most recent daily Rasmussen Poll , as of this writing, puts President Donald Trump’s approval rating at 46 percent. In spite of the Bob Woodward book and the anonymous editorial in the New York Times, this is roughly where President Trump’s approval rating has been, give or take a percentage point, all summer.

  • John McCain: Everything Trump can never be

        I’d love to hear someone make an attempt to justify Donald Trump’s mean, jealous, petulant and disrespectful behavior in the wake of the death of a real American political legend, Sen. John McCain.
        Give Trump a chance to prove he’s a miserable wretch, and he never fails to do it. Democrats and Republicans alike were disgusted by this fraud’s horrific contempt for a deceased U.S. Senator and former presidential candidate that most Americans admired greatly.

  • Are we in the toilet?

        I’ve never been a particularly optimistic fellow. I’ve always tended to feel every silver lining has a dark cloud and the glass is half empty. 

  • We need a national cleansing

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida

        We need a march of ministers, not a national military parade.  We need a parade of pure-souled priests and a rally of righteous rabbis.  Not a national military parade.
        Shock and awe have their place.  Our nation’s capital is not it.  We need a national cleansing, top to bottom, coast to coast.  We seek an elevated level of discourse and spiritual inspiration. 

  • Separating needs from wants

    By Susan Falls Kirby
    Bedford County School Board
    District 6

        When my children were in kindergarten and first grade one of my favorite lessons to help them with was the ability to separate needs from wants.  It’s a really hard lesson to learn when you are so young, and I think sometimes that line gets cloudy again as we get older. 

  • The walls are closing in on Trump

        With the federal court conviction of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and the guilty plea of the sleazy “fixer” lawyer, it looks like “the witch hunt” has found some witches.
        A lifetime of corruption is catching up to Donald Trump. Since so many “Christians” voted for him, it’s appropriate to use a Biblical injunction: He’s about to reap what he has sown.

  • There won’t be a Constitutional crisis

        I’m worried about Rick Howell. Reading his column, last week, left me feeling that he is so angry about Donald Trump that he may be in danger of hyperventilating at times. He’s almost as old as me and it’s probably not good for an old man to get that angry.

  • Yet another Trump scandal

        After a while, even the best writers struggle with how to describe the scope and detail of the embarrassing spectacle emanating from the Oval Office, where the clear loser of the popular vote in 2016 continues to pose unsuccessfully and tragically as president.
        We think of the rest of the world, looking to us as it always does, and it’s easy to believe it’s absolutely baffled at how such an obvious clown as Donald Trump could wind up as an American president.

  • Hysteria born of ignorance

        A few weeks ago there was an explosion of hysteria in the mainstream  news media as the story broke that people will be able to download the instructions, via the Internet, to use a 3-D printer to print a gun. Mainstream media journalists, who usually know nothing about firearms, seemed sure this would lead to an uptick in violent crime and that terrorists would print firearms that they could take through airport security.