• Final budget vote slated for March 10

    By Delegate Scott Garrett

        It’s hard to believe we are already into the month of February!  The General Assembly session is progressing quickly. We have just over a week left until “Crossover.”
    Crossover is the point at which both the House and Senate can only act on bills that have passed through the other body. Committee dockets and House Floor calendars have been long over the last week as each house works to complete action on their own legislation. The exception to Crossover is the budget bill.

  • The most productive Senate legislative session in memory

    By Senator Steve Newman

        When most people hear the word “Senate,” they think of the United States Senate, a legislative body known for moving very slowly. Judging from this year’s session, the Senate of Virginia is very different from the Senate in Washington. My fellow senators and I have already passed over 200 bills during this year’s session.

  • Bill would require state labs to provide time-critical testing for newborns seven days a week

    By Delegate Terry Austin

        As we enter the fourth week of the General Assembly session, it is a good time to take stock of the work that the House has completed, and the work yet to be done.

  • House votes 99 to 0 for ‘Lacey Putney Memorial Highway’ designation

    By Delegate Kathy Byron

        This was a long but productive week in Richmond, as we are entering into the hectic days leading up to crossover.  Between now and February 13, the House has to complete work on every bill filed by a delegate.  With over 1,600 bills filed by delegates, there’s a lot to consider in a very short period of time.

  • Trump, Christians, and the porn star

        As Donald Trump flails along with low approval ratings, Twitter fits, endless lies, and an investigation slowly closing in on him, many evangelical Christians apparently still believe him to be “God’s choice.”

  • How the left hates Trump!

        It’s amazing how the left hates President Donald Trump. It’s less amazing that “Democratic” Party activists hate President Trump. For these guys, politics is everything and the wellbeing of the United States takes second place to trying to score political points against a Republican president.

  • Legislation will help more children find adoptive parents

    By Delegate Terry Austin

        The 2018 Virginia General Assembly has completed its third week in session, advancing several bills important to citizens of the 19th District. The bills include proposals for increased funding for Interstate Highway 81; support for child adoption; and stricter controls on opioid use.

  • Bill will help patients shop for lowest cost healthcare

    By Delegate Kathy Byron

        This week in Richmond, I promoted legislation to lower the costs of healthcare, delivered a speech to my House colleagues, and had numerous groups from home visit our offices.  As this was the first week of this session that did not have any snow, it proved productive and extremely busy.
        I have submitted five bills this session that are aimed at reducing the cost of healthcare for Virginians.  I presented three of these bills this week.

  • Anti-gerrymandering bill advances in Senate

    By Senator David Suetterlein

        This week at the Capitol saw lots of legislative action and dozens of visitors from across the Commonwealth advocating for their priorities.
        It was great to have members of the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce and members of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce in Richmond last week. I enjoyed hearing from them and sharing about my legislation, including Senate Bill 257.

  • Trump inherited a strong economy

        The die-hard supporters of this tragic president have come up with a myth to help them keep up the faith: He has “turned around” our economy and made it “great again.”
        While it’s never surprising the lengths to which people will go to reinforce their wrong-headed decisions – in this case the decision to vote for Trump – such a belief still makes me wonder just how short are the memories of some people?