• Time to turn the rascals out

        Back in 1994, Republicans won with their “Contract with America.” They didn’t do a very good job of doing what they promised and voters fired them for breach of contract in 2006.

        During the last 18 months, with one of their own in the White House, “Democrats” have carried out a liberal agenda that could best be described as a contract on America. Their achievements at imposing this agenda on us, whether we wanted it or not, is why they are in deep trouble as we move toward the November election.

  • The message doesn't change

    There will be some changes this year as some 10,500 students head back to Bedford County Public Schools on Monday.

        For some, class sizes will be bigger; some class offerings have been eliminated all together. At some smaller elementary schools, some grades might even be combined in one class. It’s the new normal — not just for BCPS but for most school divisions across the commonwealth.

  • Keeping watch

    A new CBS sitcom, set to air on Thursday nights this fall, underscores the need for parents to take control of what their children watch and hear.

        “(Bleep) My Dad Says,” will star William Shatner, and the title, which actually uses a series of symbols to suggest an expletive, has drawn fire from the Parents Television Council. The PTC has sent letters out to more than 300 would-be advertisers of the show urging them not to support the show unless the title is changed.

  • Risking it all for freedom's sake

        A local veteran, a retired sergeant major with four decades of service, recently sent me an e-mail that showed that some people still appreciate us.

  • As usual, the GOP has no program

        If we believe conventional political wisdom, the Republican Party is set to make major legislative gains in this year’s mid-term elections, perhaps even taking over the House and/or the Senate.

    Generally, this is hardly shocking. The party in the White House almost always loses in the mid-terms, sometimes badly.

  • Reducing government spending is essential to job creation

    Folks all across our nation are worried.  They worry if their job is still going to be around in six months.  They worry about what will happen to their families, their children, and their homes if their employer shuts down and they find themselves out of work.  Unfortunately, too many people are facing this situation today with nationwide unemployment hovering around ten percent.

  • Working to level the playing field for American businesses.

  • The Pentagon Papers all over again

        I’m like you. I’d never heard of Wikileaks until the release this past week of some 91,000 pages of secret documents on the war in Afghanistan.

        The Website Wikileaks.org specializes in blowing the whistle on corporate and government secrets. The leak of these documents is the biggest Afghanistan story in a long time.

  • Post 9/11 GI Bill

        One of the greatest benefits of having served in the Armed Forces of our Nation is the education benefits.  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) education assistance program, Post 9/11 GI Education Bill, began August 1, 2009, and provides training and/or education assistance to eligible veterans and dependents.

  • The wasteful Washington spending continues