• Destination Bedford!

    By Nicole S. Johnson
    Director of Tourism

        Tourism is a dynamic and competitive industry that requires consistent engagement and investment. 

  • Is Trump’s mental illness getting worse?

        In a remarkable weekend of anger, mental instability, and childlike petulance, this ridiculous excuse for a president we’re enduring appears to have crashed and burned mentally in a single 48 hours, tweeting and re-tweeting crazy stuff at least 52 times.
        At a time when most people were thinking about the victims in the world’s latest act of gun violence in New Zealand, well, it was a subject far from Donald Trump’s disturbed mind.

  • War over war powers

        While the media has been obsessed over President Donald Trump’s war with the ghost of John McCain, Congress has been fussing over U. S. aid to Saudi Arabia in that country’s war against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

  • Omar’s remarks weren’t ‘anti-Semitic’

        U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar is a freshman Democrat from Minnesota who won office last year in the anti-Trump wave that put the House of Representatives back in Democratic hands.
        She’s 37, a mother of three, and was born in Somalia, which makes her the first African-born member of Congress in our history. There’s something else about her that disturbs far too many people in this country, especially “Christian conservatives:” she’s a Muslim.

  • Trump foreign policy mostly good

        Midway through his first term, President Donald Trump’s foreign policy has been mostly good.

  • A lot of good came out of Goode

    By Steve A. Everett

  • Supporting our military families with safe housing

    By Sen. Tim Kaine
        There has been recent attention on the national scope of dangerous conditions in military base housing, including children poisoned by lead and lapses in oversight that have put military families at risk.

  • Preparing the way for impeachment

        With the request from the House Judiciary Committee for relevant documents from more than 80 people or organizations regarding Donald Trump’s likely obstruction of justice, it’s clear House Democrats aren’t waiting around for the Mueller report.
        The committee chairman, Rep. Jerry Nadler, of New York, has already stated that he believes Trump has obstructed justice, and it’s a fairly easy argument to make.

  • Political theater

        All the wrangling over President Donald Trump’s border wall has been nothing but political theater.
        In spite of their self-righteous pronouncements, the “Democrats’” opposition to President Trump’s wall has nothing to do with principle. The real reason, and the only reason for the opposition by “Democratic” Party’s leadership, is that it wants to deny President Trump the fulfillment of a campaign promise. It’s all political.

  • ‘A racist…a con man…a cheat’

        Attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress last week marked the first time that a close former associate of President Deeply Corrupt volunteered to speak to the nation about his work for the most contemptible president we’ve ever witnessed.
        Remember that Cohen was someone who once said that he’d “take a bullet” for Donald Trump. But facing both prison and the condemnation of history, Cohen had a “come to Jesus” moment, if you will.