• It’s time to look at some good news

    By Meagan Preston
    Intern Writer

        All of my life has been surrounded with people voicing their strong opinions.
        Whether that was Christmas dinner at my grandmother’s house that turned into a political battlefield, or an after-church brunch that somehow became a brainstorming session for ways to solve the world’s biggest problems.

  • Democrats would rather spend overpaid tax dollars

    By Senator Suetterlein
    District 19

        Policy changes at the federal level have resulted in an unlegislated tax increase on Virginians. While the national press corps has dedicated itself to chronicling the allegations engulfing the three Democratic, state-wide, elected officials, my Republican legislative colleagues and I have remained focused on returning these overpaid tax dollars to Virginians.

  • Budget contains $110 tax rebate for individuals, $220 for couples

    By Senator Steve Newman,
    Senate of Virginia President pro tempore

        Virginia’s Capitol became the epicenter of American political life this week.  Because of a bizarre and unexpected series of events, the entire national press corps has descended upon Capitol Square.

  • Thank you for helping make community a better place

    By Anne H. Soukhanov
    Chair, Grants Committee & Board Member
    Friends of Bedford Hospice House

           The Friends of Bedford Hospice House want to report some more very good news since we last thanked, in this space, the Bedford Community Health Foundation and the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation for their extremely generous grants during summer 2018.

  • All spending based on governor’s proposed tax increases eliminated from budget

    By Delegate T. Scott Garrett, M.D.
    23rd District
        It has been a very busy week at the Capitol.  Many good things are being accomplished, and I will update you on those in a moment. But first, I want to address the revelations against and admissions by the leaders of the Executive Branch…which are disturbing to me and many of you.

  • House, Senate make tremendous progress in spite of media circus

    By Del. Kathy J. Byron
    22nd House District

        Capitol Square might have benefitted from a snowstorm this last week.  What we got instead was daily highs in the sixties.  As it turns out, the groundhog’s forecast of an early spring is proving correct when winter might have served us better.

  • Republicans have agreed on $1 billion tax relief package

    By Delegate Terry L. Austin
    19th House District

  • Disgust with politics is widespread

        As a lifelong political animal, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a situation like the current one we have in Virginia. All three top state government officials are mired in scandal amid numerous calls for their resignations.
        Given that my deadline here is several days before your newspaper is published, it’s not possible to say for sure who is still in office as you read this.

  • Private sector, not public, unions

        I’ve always thought it is wise that Virginia does not allow collective bargaining by public sector unions. Collective bargaining by public sector unions allows a small group of citizens to hold the rest of the public hostage by going out strike, or threatening a strike, if the government doesn’t give them what they want. This is unfair as all taxpaying citizens must pay for whatever the government gives the union members.

  • Northam sets off fire storm with comments

    By Sen. David Suetterlein
    District 19

        While the media’s attention has largely been on major political scandals regarding Virginia’s Executive, the General Assembly remained focused on the legislative work at hand. Robust debates and deciding votes took place this week, on legislation to end the possibility of a massive unlegislated tax increase on Virginians, increasing the age to purchase tobacco, allowing abortions up to and including the time of birth, and anti-gerrymandering redistricting reform.