• Political theater

        All the wrangling over President Donald Trump’s border wall has been nothing but political theater.
        In spite of their self-righteous pronouncements, the “Democrats’” opposition to President Trump’s wall has nothing to do with principle. The real reason, and the only reason for the opposition by “Democratic” Party’s leadership, is that it wants to deny President Trump the fulfillment of a campaign promise. It’s all political.

  • ‘A racist…a con man…a cheat’

        Attorney Michael Cohen’s testimony before Congress last week marked the first time that a close former associate of President Deeply Corrupt volunteered to speak to the nation about his work for the most contemptible president we’ve ever witnessed.
        Remember that Cohen was someone who once said that he’d “take a bullet” for Donald Trump. But facing both prison and the condemnation of history, Cohen had a “come to Jesus” moment, if you will.

  • ‘Democrats’ should beware

        President Donald Trump’s approval rating in the most recent Rasmussen Poll, as of this writing, is holding at 47 percent. As has been true for the last year or so, President Trump’s approval rating has paralleled that of Barack Obama at the same point in his first term.

  • Budget adds to rainy day fund

    By Delegate T. Scott Garrett, M.D.
    23rd House District

        I am happy to report that I’m home from my tenth General Assembly Session in Richmond! My wife, Whitney, came over to Richmond last Friday for us to participate in Haley Gray’s graduation from the Senate Page Program.  We couldn’t be prouder of the young lady she’s becoming. It’s good to all be back under one roof again!  

  • Hyde amendment included in budget

    By Senator David Suetterlein
    District 19

        The regular session of the 2019 General Assembly adjourned on Sunday after we passed the budget bill.  While the national media was focused on the revelations and allegations engulfing Virginia’s executive branch, the General Assembly acted on more than 3,000 bills on issues great and small.

  • Final budget bill very close to Senate’s version

    By Senator Steve Newman
    Senate of Virginia President pro tempore

        The regular session of the 2019 General Assembly came to an end this week.  While most of the media coverage surrounding this year’s session was about the difficulties and revelations involving the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General, senators and delegates had a session marked by substantial legislative accomplishments on higher education, K-12, law enforcement, judges, and so much more.  In general, it was a very productive session.

  • General Assembly balance budget without raising taxes
  • General Assembly session was astonishingly productive

    By Kathy J. Byron
    22nd House District

        The 2019 General Assembly has adjourned, bringing one of the most eventful sessions in memory to an end.

  • The real emergency is Donald Trump

    Whenever President Barack Obama issued an executive order, conservatives whined that he was “ruling by decree,” or “going around the Congress.”
         The shameful wretch who unfortunately succeeded him has issued many of his own executive orders, but has now gone even farther and declared a “national emergency” after he couldn’t get what he wanted from Congress. Well, where is the conservative outrage?

  • The scenario Schultz needs?

        Last week Bernie Sanders, the geriatric Marxist from Vermont, joined the herd of “Democrats” seeking the “Democratic” nomination for president in 2020. Sanders tried for the nomination in 2016 and made a good run.  Had he received the nomination, he would probably have beaten Donald Trump. However, the “Democrats” stupidly nominated the only candidate who was so wretched that Trump looked like the better choice to a lot of us.