• A regime of lies, led by a liar

        One of the great truths about this crazed and unprecedented regime in the Oval Office has been expressed in a phrase you see sometimes on bumper stickers: “Elect a Clown; Expect a Circus.”
        Yes, he is a clown and it is a circus. Now, though, with the longest government shutdown in our history, and people not getting paychecks, he’s starting to cause real damage that people can feel in their everyday lives. And he will pay the price for that.

  • The impasse drags on

        The government shutdown impasse is now in its fourth week, with no end in sight.
        The bad thing about it is that it is partisan political theater. Both President Donald Trump and the so called “Democratic” Party can’t come to an agreement because they can’t see eye-to-eye on how they want the presidential election in 2020 to turn out.

  • Virginia General Assembly turns 400 years old this year

    Delegate Terry L. Austin
    19th House District

        Greetings to the Citizens of Virginia’s 19th House District:

  • No retreat on women’s rights

        If you’re old enough to remember the political battles of the 1970s, then you remember the fight in those days over the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
         Backward, right-wing forces, who always desire to keep women down, assailed us with hysterical predictions about what would happen were it to pass.
         I’d honestly forgotten how over the top some of those things were, until a recent letter to the editor here brought it all back.

  • What politics will pursue in 2019

        The current impasse between President Donald Trump and the Bolshe .... uh ... “Democrats” gives a good picture of what legislative priorities will be for 2019. It does not bode well for this year, or next year for that matter.

  • What politics in 2019 should pursue

        The beginning of a new year makes us reflect on possibilities, and in politics, that’s never been truer than it is now.
         Our current president is easily the single most corrupt one we’ve ever seen in the Oval Office, and 2019 may be the year when he finally gets justice.
        Most observers believe the Mueller Report will be submitted relatively soon, at least as regards one aspect of his investigation, the possible collusion with Russia over their interference for Trump in 2016.

  • Fake news

        President Donald Trump often refers to fake news when he’s upset about a negative story about him or his administration pops up in the national media. Actually, there is fake news out there, but it’s not what President Trump is talking about when he blasts the news media.

  • Reflection on my time of service
  • A regime that’s crashing and burning

        What’s that Bible verse about reaping what you sow? Yes, Donald Trump’s “Christian conservative” supporters may want to find that one again and give it some thought. This regime is on the ropes, and many people don’t expect it to last a full term.
        It is, and has been, a complete joke, of course. But what’s happening now – with the walls closing in on him from so many directions – represents an inevitable reckoning of justice for having been so corrupt for so long.

  • Not what it claims to be

        I know that local people who identify with the so called “Democratic” Party get very annoyed because I put the party’s name in quotes.