• A stranger sat down for dinner

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida

         A stranger appeared just as we were sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner.   And he sat in the chair that we always leave empty to symbolize those, who due to death or distance, could not be with us this year.  The stranger then began to talk—and even sometimes sing.

  • Shop local on Small Business Saturday

    By Nicole Riley
    State Director
     NFIB In Virginia

        Small business fuels Virginia’s economy. It accounts for 99.5 percent of all employers in the commonwealth and employs 47 percent of Virginia’s private sector workforce, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.    

  • Share Thanksgiving Heritage

        Thanksgiving is not only a time to express gratefulness to God for His provision but also a time to teach children about America’s true heritage.

  • History, sports and video games

    By Logan Arthur

    Intern Writer

        Hello my name is Logan Arthur. I am a senior at Jefferson Forest High School and I am interning at the Bedford Bulletin through the internship program there.

  • Taking Time to Think, To be thankful

    By Megan Tomoney

  • America’s shame in Yemen

        In the nation of Yemen, which borders Saudi Arabia to the south, the suffering of the people is so intense the United Nations has called it “the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today.” But most Americans know nothing about it.

  • Political theater and not much more

        I’m not expecting much beyond political theater from the 116th Congress when it convenes in January. I’m looking forward to two years of political posturing and bloviating from members of the so called “Democratic” Party now that they have taken over the House.

  • Each did ‘their bit’

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida

  • Democratic ‘Resistance’ takes back the House!

        Disgust at the clownish and corrupt figure in the White House led many millions of Americans to the polls Nov. 6, where they chose the only entity they could to stop him in at least one branch of the Congress: the Democratic Party.
        Democrats, at last count, won at least 32 seats in the House of Representatives, taking back that chamber from the Trumpanzees and assuring Americans there will finally be a restoration of checks and balances in our national government.

  • Messages sent

        Voters sent two messages in the Nov. 6 election.
        The first message was sent to President Donald Trump. Both the so called “Democratic” Party and President Trump, himself, billed this election as a referendum on the president. Like Barack Obama in 2010, President Trump lost.