• Letters to the editor

    Get the right man in

    The race for Sheriff of Bedford County has become an interesting event to watch. The incumbent is facing a surprisingly popular "Anybody but Brown" backlash. Mr. Green came out first attempting to capitalize on this negative phenomenon. He appeared, in the beginning, to be making some headway. Of late, the other candidate, Darryl Updike has turned up his efforts considerably. His sensible and positive campaign has gained him respect across political party lines and his support is increasing.

  • The Liberal Agenda

    Recently, there was a “Values Voters” Summit held in Washington, D.C. According to press coverage, none of the Republican presidential candidates who showed up made much of a showing. “Values voters,” of course, refers to the Christian right, as though no one else has values but them.

  • Conservatively Speaking

    Once again, an effort to give illegal aliens a glide path to permanent legal residency failed.

    The bill, called the DREAM Act, was brought up for a cloture vote in the Senate on Wednesday. It failed by a 52-44 margin. It takes 60 votes in invoke cloture, ending discussion.

  • This Tuesday get out and vote

    The truth is, one vote does count.

    Just ask current Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell. McDonnell claims he won by an average of one seventh of one vote per precinct in 2005.

    And a current candidate also knows the power of one vote as well. In Laura Rodes? first run at the school board, she lost by one vote.

    That?s why everyone registered to vote currently in Bedford and Bedford County should turn out this Tuesday, Nov. 6, and cast their ballot ? even in those elections with only one candidate running.

  • Watching the shelves

    n the next couple of months the Bedford County School Board will hear how the school system's library media specialists plan to better review books that are placed on library shelves.

    Two recent incidents of inappropriate books making their way into the hands of local students are the reason.