• Letter 08-14-19

    Object to militarization of police

        What a pleasant evening last night, August 6, for the National Night Out designed to build trust between police and citizens.
        There was rockin’ music with people thoroughly enjoying themselves dancing. Bedford library was there engaging with young children and their parents.
        The Health Department had an informative display especially about important immunizations.

  • Letters 08-07-19

    Solar Power

        I love my $8 power bill!
        While my neighbors and co-workers are complaining about their power bills, we had solar panels installed on our roof last year, right on the carport. It feeds into the power grid and was set up to cover most of our power needs. The unit will pay for itself in a few years and then return $$$ on our investment.

  • Letters 07-10-19

    Farms are

        Sixty years ago the last coal fired steam locomotive on the N&W was put to rest.

  • Letters 07-03-19

    Sure Is quiet

        If you haven’t read Doug Mayhew’s letter of 2-13-19, you certainly should.  He made it clear as to how the inter-circle of the Sheriff’s office works.  This is only a small part of the operation. 

  • Letters 06-26-19

    Thank you

  • Letter 06-19-19

        The Board of Directors, Friends of Bedford Hospice House, would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Bedford Community Health Foundation for its most generous grant of $6,000.00. This money will go into our Scholarship Fund, used to provide financial assistance to Bedford Hospice House patients who qualify under standard guidelines for financial aid.

  • Letters 06-12-19

    Thank You!

        The members of VFW Peaks of Otter Post 2157 would like to publicly salute and thank all of the individuals who helped us place flags on the graves of Veterans for the Memorial Day Holiday. Your sacrifice of time to help, honors their sacrifice of service.

    John DeLong

    Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia

  • Letters 06-05-19

    Supports Miller

        On June 11,  I’ll be voting in the Republican Primary.  With the well-deserved retirement of Mike Brown, we find ourselves with three Republican candidates for Bedford County Sheriff ( 2 independent candidates will also run in the General Election in November).  

  • Letters 05-29-19

    Why I will vote for my father

        I haven’t said much on the Bedford County Sheriffs campaign, because all of you know who I’m voting for. However, I feel that I need to tell you why I’m voting for my father for sheriff. By now if you follow his campaign page, you know what he’s running on, but I’m not here to talk to you about all that. I’m writing another side of him you may not know.

  • Letters 05-22-19

    Veterans for Miller

        The election process is starting once again and this time it is to elect a new Sheriff!
        As an U.S. Air Force veteran, I would like to express a growing trend and viewpoint, that I share with many of my veteran friends.