• Letters 02-13-19

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

        Do all village idiots have an arrogant grin when they are lying?   Or is that a characteristic unique to  lying liberals?
        Rick Howell’s column (Real Christians wouldn’t support Trump) is a real hoot.
    True Christians would not judge others like Rickie did.  And they would not be lying like some village idiot who is too dumb to know better. 

  • Letters 02-06-19

    Why is Nancy opposed to
    securing our

        Mr. Howell’s column extolling Nancy Pelosi, cost me a perfectly good breakfast.

  • Letters 01-23-19

    Challenge made for audit of BCSO

        Hurrah for Sheriff Brown and the political machine that think they are making him look good. He’s gotten another award . It was created just for him by The National White Collar Crime Center Board of Directors of which Brown is Vice Chair and funded by taxpayers.
        The article goes on to say he received Sheriff of the Year Award from the NSA in 2017 and speaks of his accomplishments. Oh, Sheriff Brown was Chairman.

  • Letter 01-16-19

    Walls have never worked

        As Day 20 of the government shut-down nears even those indifferent to a wall between us and  Mexico are asking questions. Why a wall when historically walls have never worked. The latest, the Berlin Wall erected during the Cold War by East Germany is no more. There are others, of course.

  • Letters 01-09-19

    ERA worthy
    of support

        As a high school English teacher, I would periodically receive that term paper or essay that was so completely illogical and off target that my red pen felt like drying up on the spot. My red pen has curled up in a ball after the first few lines of the anti-ERA diatribe written by Janet Robey.
        Where to start?

  • Letter 12-26-18

    The “Equal Rights” Amendment is a war on women

        Please humor me as I dig into the nuts and bolts of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Carol Hendrix asked in her December 21, 2018, letter to the editor, “On what basis can any rational person oppose the ERA?” Here are some rational arguments from a rational woman on why I oppose the amendment:

  • Letters 12-19-18

    Kindness is

        On Sunday, December 16, we were on our way to church when we came upon an accident that had just happened and stopped westbound traffic.

  • Letters 12-12-18


        The Town of Bedford has so many things of which to be proud: our beautiful natural scenery, our friendly people,  our small-town style, and our noble D-Day heritage.
        Unfortunately, our treatment of pedestrians who attempt to cross our streets does not fit with the rest of our profile. Drivers all but mow people down!

  • Letters 11/28/18

    A little too far

        Last week Cheryl Evans went out a little too far on a limb to postulate that the perpetrator that tore down Kaine’s sign was a white male with very little formal education whose feelings of impotence were greatly exacerbated by the election of Obama twice.

  • Letters 11/21/18

    Practice the Golden Rule

        At 4:45AM on Election Day, November 6, I put campaign signs for Jennifer Lewis and Tim Kaine beside the drive leading to our local polling place. Someone so offended by this First Amendment exercise mowed them down.