• Letters 10/23/13

    Time for some protectionism

        To emphasize the effects of the partial government shutdown, a T.V. news program interviewed a woman who asked “How am I going to feed my kids?” Perhaps the question might be, how many working people does it take to support our country’s social programs?
        More than we have!

  • Letters 10/09/13

    Only’ $34 million

        The Bedford Water Authority insists that they will “only” spend $34 million on their Lakes to Forest Plan, or “whatever we can afford.” I worked many years in the Federal government and have experienced this fairy tale many times before. It’s a nightmare version of the movie “Groundhog Day.”

  • Letters 10/02/13

    serving as a mentor
        With the new school year under way, I’d like to make our community aware of a wonderfully meaningful experience that has been in our area since 1997. 

  • Letters 09/18/13

    Helping our

        George C. Lussier Jr. from the American Legion spoke to the 9-11 Prayer Breakfast about Operation Comfort Warriors. The information he gave us is important for all churches and organizations in our county that are interested in helping our veterans.

  • Letters 9/11/13

    Fertilizer or
    poison: You be the Judge

        Over 13,000 acres of Bedford County farmlands are being “fertilized” with human and industrial waste from sewage treatment plants in New Jersey and northern Virginia.

  • Letters 09/04/13

    There is a crisis
        “We don’t have an immediate crisis in terms of debt,” President Obama boldly stated in a March interview with “Good Morning America.” The national debt in the United States stands at $16,882,459,082,109. Can you even say that number? If this is not a debt crisis, what is?

  • Letters 08/28/13

        Which part of John Barnhart’s sanctimonious mind allowed him to compare the Watergate scandal to the lethal attack on an American embassy? In Libya?
        His entire piece threw a stadium quality spotlight on a proverbial barking dog, instead of the burning building behind the yapping. The Benghazi attack isn’t about the Capitol Hill Blame Game -- it’s about the loss of life and measures being taken to strengthen security holes.

  • Letters 08/07/13

    It’s a federal law

        In his headline John Barnhart calls it OBAMACARE. In his first paragraph, he calls it President Barack Obama’s healthcare law. 

  • Letters 07/31/13

    Freedom of speech, religion

        Rick Howell states that he is not about to get into a long discussion of the Bible, thereby, in his mind, silencing those who disagree with him.
        There are still some of us out here who believe in the freedom of speech and religion. We will not remain silent while he distorts the teachings of the Bible. Really, he should actually read any book from cover to cover before he expounds upon on it. It is risky to criticize something without a thorough knowledge of its contents.

  • Letters 07/24/13


        There has been much ado about the verdict in the George Zimmerman case. Rioting in the streets, calls for vengeance and retribution, hip-hop artists calling for vengeance, the jurors are being interviewed on news outlets and now the feds looking into state laws. It would appear that we have missed the mark and the bigger picture on the whole issue.