• Letters 08/07/13

    It’s a federal law

        In his headline John Barnhart calls it OBAMACARE. In his first paragraph, he calls it President Barack Obama’s healthcare law. 

  • Letters 07/31/13

    Freedom of speech, religion

        Rick Howell states that he is not about to get into a long discussion of the Bible, thereby, in his mind, silencing those who disagree with him.
        There are still some of us out here who believe in the freedom of speech and religion. We will not remain silent while he distorts the teachings of the Bible. Really, he should actually read any book from cover to cover before he expounds upon on it. It is risky to criticize something without a thorough knowledge of its contents.

  • Letters 07/24/13


        There has been much ado about the verdict in the George Zimmerman case. Rioting in the streets, calls for vengeance and retribution, hip-hop artists calling for vengeance, the jurors are being interviewed on news outlets and now the feds looking into state laws. It would appear that we have missed the mark and the bigger picture on the whole issue.

  • Letters 07/17/13

    Appreciates Moose Lodge

        On July 5 a group of residents of the Elks National Home attended the fireworks display held at the Moose Lodge 1897 in Bedford.
        We would like to express our deep appreciation to the officers and members of the Moose Lodge for providing this opportunity. When it was learned there would be no fireworks this year, this organization stepped forward to provide the necessary funding and make arrangements to continue the traditional fireworks to celebrate July 4 in the area.

  • Letters 07/03/13

    Drivers needed

        Thaxton’s Bedford Ride is seriously in need of drivers.
        Are you familiar with the term “attrition?” Some of our drivers have faithfully served as many as 10 years. Attrition is inevitable.
        People in Thaxton depend on our services for non-emergency transportation due to family and relatives are seldom available.

  • Letter 06/26/13

        The Bedford Board of Supervisors vote last week to limit new home sites in Agricultural Preserve lands to 15,500 is a step in the right direction.
        Five members of the Board carefully considered the impact of their decision and wisely voted to limit the growth in buildable lots to “only” 33 percent. Unfortunately, Ms. Pollard and Mr. Arrington, the home builder on the Board, thought it best to fill rural lands with a checkerboard of 20,000+ new houses built randomly throughout the county.

  • Letters 06/19/13

    Appreciates opportunity

        I would like to thank Bedford County Public Schools and AREVA for providing me with the opportunity to work as a career intern in AREVA’s Regulatory Affairs Department during my senior year at Liberty High School.

  • Letters 06/12/13

    The future of SWM

        The management, collection, transportation,  and processing of solid waste is a cornerstone in the continuation of  everyday life in the modern world.  As material consumption rises around the   globe, so does waste disposal. 

  • The stakes are enormously high

    By Senator Tim Kaine

    I’m proud to represent the state that’s more connected to the military than any other. Communities across the Commonwealth are defined by the service members and their families, installations, shipyards, airfields and historical battlefields. So when we’re faced with the issue of sexual assault in our Armed Forces, it shakes the military culture – and the surrounding communities – to the core. 


  • Letters 05/29/13

    Supporting BC employees

        I want to thank the Bedford County Board of Supervisors for supporting a budget that provides meaningful raises for all Bedford County employees, including those working for the school system.
        It is a proven fact that long term economic growth is dependent upon a functional municipal government and a quality school system. This upcoming budget is a positive first step towards economic growth.