• Letters 01/08/14

    Disturbed by

        As a native of El Paso and a current resident of Bedford, I am deeply disturbed by Mike Forster’s column in the 12/25/13 edition of the Bedford Bulletin.

  • Letters С новым годом 2014

    Time to retake
    Government 101

        I am an OTR driver and away from home for long periods of time...my wife saves me the papers so that I can catch up on whats happening around the county when I return. I have just returned and have been reading up on ‘happenings’ and I am always amazed at the rantings of one particular person when it come to the Sheriff.

  • Letters 12/18/13

    Remembrances of the home

        I was saddened to learn of the fire at 719 Longwood Ave. 
        It was my father, John Bibb’s family home from 1906 when he and his twin sister Josephine Bibb were born in the house.  Josephine lived in the house until she died in 2003. 

  • Letters 12/11/13

    Thank you

  • Letters 11/27/2013

    The learning

        Putting guns in schools is tacit acceptance that society has failed, whether it’s a school resource officer, a metaphor for policeman, or armed instructors. Like many of our problems, we refuse to see the deeper reasons for school shootings and only apply easy, mindless solutions.
        The example used at the Supervisor’s meeting can be seen more as an exception to the rule, than as a rationalization for arming teachers.

  • Letters 11/20/13

    Effort benefits neighbors

        When it was announced that benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) would be reduced effective November 1, Walmart decided to put extra emphasis on its stores’ October food collection drive. 

  • Letters 11/13/13

    Arming teachers in Bedford schools

        As a former resident of Bedford City I am writing concerning the arming of teachers in Bedford City/County classrooms.
        In the event that a gunman comes into a classroom the teacher will have to shift gears from her lesson, go to her desk, unlock the desk, take out the handgun, unlock the trigger-guard and fire back at a the gunman. This, of course, will not happen because by then the teacher and students will have been fired upon and probably killed or injured.

  • Letters 11/06/13

    Who has been hurt?

        The author of an October 22 letter to the editor stated that he was unable to identify the “millions of people hurting from Obamacare.” An October 29 article in the Washington Post might be of assistance in that task.

  • Letters 10/30/13

    Record of public service

        It is our duty in this political climate of suspicion to elect competent leaders. The leader is Terry Austin, candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates for the 19th district.
        Terry has an impeccable record of public service making him the ideal candidate for this office.

  • Letters 10/23/13

    Time for some protectionism

        To emphasize the effects of the partial government shutdown, a T.V. news program interviewed a woman who asked “How am I going to feed my kids?” Perhaps the question might be, how many working people does it take to support our country’s social programs?
        More than we have!