• Letters 04/02/14


        Twenty-five plus years ago the city of Bedford was in the vanguard of municipalities that were facilitating the recycling of household waste. 
        My family was most impressed when we relocated here from Atlanta, which had virtually no residential recycling programs, to find that our new hometown, smaller than the neighborhood we had just left, offered curbside recycling.

  • Letters 03/26/14

    Funding preschool education

        I would like to respond to the letter from Susan Stanley, which was published in the March 19 edition of the Bedford Bulletin, regarding the preschool funding “woes” in Bedford County.

  • Letters 03/19/14

    Pre-K funding woes

        The March 6, 2014, News and Advance had a front page story concerning changes to Pre-k funding.
          The Lynchburg and Bedford school systems could lose almost 100 slots for Pre-K students due to this change.  I have a solution to ease the funding woes.  Both localities have a number of existing high-quality private Pre-schools that could educate those students at a significant savings compared to the public schools. 

  • Letters 03/12/14

    Woeful idiocy

        Imagine that Bob’s loose behavior resulted in getting a woman pregnant. Mary hadn’t contacted Bob since that one-night encounter. She called Bob to notify him of his responsibilities toward their then-forming child. Bob refused.

  • Letters 03/05/14

    Electric shock

        This will have to be short as this issue has raised my blood pressure to unheard of levels. I worry that I may “vapor lock” or “stroke out” before I conclude.
        I have an electric meter on my home as does everyone in the town of Bedford. I’m reasonably sure the same is true for businesses. My meter is read by the town and I receive a monthly bill that I pay in full.

  • Letters 02/26/14

    Cost effective school

        Some years ago a fellow teacher in the Bedford County school system pointed out a fact that disturbed him. 
        In a nearby county a school had been constructed at about the same time one had been built in Bedford County.  Though the two buildings were essentially the same square footage, the Bedford school’s construction cost several million dollars more. 

  • Letter 02/19/14

    We the people...

        How can we the people preserve liberty and freedom that our founders legally gave to us in the founding documents?
        Representatives upholding our state and federal governments all are, upon their oaths, servants of the people. The president, representatives, senate and judiciary shall not violate their oaths.

  • Letter 02/12/14

    Get tough on speeding

        As a recent retiree, I watch the local & national news on a daily basis.
        Apparently most towns, cities, counties & states are facing budget problems. One way to gain some revenue and not raise taxes is to get tough on speeding.
        I have lived in Bedford County for almost two years and have traveled Rt 122 and Rt 24 quite a bit. I have never seen a radar setup on either of these roads.

  • Letters 02/05/14

    The right side

        Virginia’s new Attorney General wants to be on the right side of history by not supporting the state’s ban on same sex marriages.
        Has he never read a history book or is he just ignorant about world history?

  • Letters 01/29/14

    The Bedford Boys by Alex Kershaw

        I have always hated the south. From Maryland to Miami I have visited often, but always came back north with memories of some ugly experience down south. I have relatives I visit infrequently because of my dislike of the politics, the historical factoids and the attitude of the racist bigots that permeate the town’s cities and states of the confederacy.