• Letters 08/10/11



        Did our superintendent of Bedford County Public Schools, Dr. Schuch, ever consider parents when he began making changes to our schools? I don’t think so.

  • Letters 08/03/11

    Finishing the job

        On July 3 our small family farm received quite a lot of damage from a severe thunderstorm. Six houses were without power due to the electric pole being splintered and the transformer being shattered. Our Bedford electric department came almost immediately and worked diligently into the night to restore power to the homes and then came back on July 4 and waited out another storm to finish the job. Our thanks to the men who responded to the call.

  • Letters 07/27/11

    Thank you

  • Letters 07/06/11

    Don’t just dump unwanted pets

        We are Bedford County residents who live on a rural gravel road.  It seems that our road is a popular road for dropping unwanted kittens, puppies or pets.  We love animals and have pets of our own who are all spayed or neutered to keep down the pet population.

  • Letters 06/29/11

    Needless deaths – wasted lives

  • Letters 06/22/11



        Many questions have been raised lately in response to the tragic shooting of Jennifer Agee. Perhaps the one we should be most concerned about is not what caused Jonathan Agee to commit a senseless act of violence, but how to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

  • Letters 06/15/11

    Uncle was medic on D-Day

  • Letters 06/08/11


  • Letters 06/01/11

    Investigation should continue

        When the CIA’s use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” for extracting information from prisoners first came to light, I was outraged. Outrage turned to shame when my government, at the highest level, not only failed to condemn what must be called torture, but actually defended it as a legitimate tool in their War on Terror.

  • Letters 05/18/11

    Fundraising help needed

        For over 10 years the Saunders Volunteer Fire Company has been hosting the Independence Day Fireworks and Celebration at Parkway Marina. It is our major fund raising project. Thousands of residents and guests to the lake participate in the celebration and view the fireworks. Expenses for this event have far exceeded our expectations and we need your help to continue.