• Letters 12/01/10


        At this time of giving thanks, the Food Pantry at the Bedford Christian Ministries would like to thank all the churches that have donated so generously to us this year. 
        We appreciate every can and box you have given and the hungry in our community do too.  We also need to thank the managers, employees and most of all the customers of the Food Lion on Longwood Avenue. They have come through for us beyond our wildest dreams. 

  • Letters 11.24.10

    Support is

        I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the incredible work of the Gala committee and the extraordinary generosity of the Bedford community. On Oct. 21 Bedford Domestic Violence Services held the Purple Gala to benefit victims of domestic violence. The Gala live and silent auctions featured items donated from Bedford businesses and individuals. The generous contributions and amount of support received was tremendous.

  • Letters 11/17/10

    Unwarranted attack

        There are some things a man just shouldn’t do in life, like spit in the wind or tug on Superman’s cape.
        After reading Billy Hackworth’s letter to the editor attacking Sheriff Mike Brown, we can add one other thing: using the good name of Alicia Kozakiewicz to attack the great Bedford County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Letters 11/10/10

    Unsung heroes

        Another election has been conducted successfully in the City of Bedford.  And there a group of civic minded citizens who made it possible. 
        I would like to publicly acknowledge the election officials who worked to make this election run so smoothly.  As a recent article in a State Board of Election publication put it  “working Election Day brings a whole new meaning to dog tired!” 

  • Letters 11/03/10

    institution enriched the lives of many

        As a small business owner in Bedford County we can sympathize with what’s going on with other small businesses because of the economy.

  • Letters 10-27-10


        Mr. Phillip Parnell was convicted of 14 counts of animal cruelty in Bedford County because 14 animals were found dead on his property.   
        That is VA code 3.2-6570, Misdemeanor 1.  Each count can bring jail time of 12 months and a fine of $2500. That would calculate to possible consequences of up to 168 months (61,320 days) in jail and a fine of up to $35,000.

  • Letters 10/20/10

    Lobster Fest
    a success

        Our 8th Annual Bedford Kiwanis Lobster Festival was a success, again this year!  We thank each and every one of you who chose to dine on a succulent lobster dinner and watch a beautiful sunset, all while helping us raise over $4,000 for Bedford area Kiwanis-sponsored youth programs.  Since the first festival, we have raised nearly $25,000.00 for our community.

  • Letters 10/13/10

    Kudos for action

  • Letters 10-06-10

    We need a Master-Gardener

        The American economy has become a wilderness --- a garden over run with debt thorns and poison-oak loans. But it is not quite moribund. Although not obvious, it is showing a few  twitchings and up-ticks at the farmer’s market and in industrial production.

  • Letters 09/29/10

    Not the norm

        Around the 20th of August I rode through the cemetery. I’ve lived in Bedford all my life and never had I seen the cemetery look as overgrown. However, the month of August we had a lot of rain and sun. The people of Bedford keep neat well cared for lawns, but much of August they were like the cemetery, they did not look good. Grass went from very brown to extremely green and grew fast. (Very fast.) It was almost wet all day, everyday.