• Letters 08/29/18


        Wide ties/narrow ties.
        Most of us have seen the popular cycles in many categories. Cycles, surprisingly, dominate in education. The one lasting “new idea” in my experience was conceived by Frank W. Cyr, with whom I worked as a colleague in his latter years. In 1939 school buses were all colors. Frank brought bus manufactures and educators together to set standards including the yellow you know. Frank is known as “The Father of the Yellow School Bus.”

  • Letter 0/22/18

    Thank you

        On July 28, the Forest Lions Club and our event co-sponsors -- The Salvation Army of Lynchburg and Edward Jones Investments of Forest -- hosted our 6th Annual Back to School and Family Health Fair, free to the community.

  • Letter 08/15/18

    Quick response

  • Letters 08/08/18

    Prayer In Schools

        As public schools open shortly across the land,this letter to the editor written 50 years ago appeared  May 16, 1968, written by the late Mrs. Lula Falls of Forest. She was a frequent writer to the Bedford Bulletin and wrote this letter when she was 82 years old. The timely message it contains still applies to our school system today and consequently because the American public has not heeded the message,the present generation continues to suffer.

    Submitted by Steve Everett

    Dear Editor,

  • Letters 08/01/18

    A quiet hero

        Bedford County lost a quiet hero Sunday, July 29, when Bobby Spinner passed from this life. He worked with us for four years, through a long, difficult, and baffling process that finally built a beautiful home from a ruin and a wreck, and we could never have accomplished it without him.
        Bobby was John Henry, quiet and humble in his strength, resourcefulness, and intelligence.

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    Gore got rich
    promoting a hoax

  • letters 07/18/18

    Groundhogs, not trucks

        I have lived in Bedford County all of my life and pay a rather large sum in taxes to the county.
        Back in March, I called the Animal Control Department concerning a groundhog problem on my property at Smith Mountain Lake. I was told they did not handle that complaint; I would have to contact The Game and Inland Fisheries. The Game and Inland Fisheries said I would have to hire a private company to remove the groundhogs or do it myself.

  • Letter Fourth of July 2018

    does he

  • Letters 06/27/18

    Clean up the mess

        For several years now, Bedford County Libraries have allowed birds to nest in their entrance porticoes. This is a health hazard and no one wants to walk through bird guano to enter the library.
        Contrary to what the library system insists, there are a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans by birds and bird waste. It is a risk for those of us who have asthma.

  • Letters 06/20/18

    Thankful for

        I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all involved in The Bedford Remembers Project.