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    at park

        After taking my two granddaughters to Liberty Lake Park for a picnic, to play and to see the ducks this past Saturday, I wanted you to know that I was very sad and disappointed to see this beautiful park in such sad and terrible conditions.

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    Fire Robin Reed

        Fire Robin Reed. Yes he should be fired for taking this long to make a decision on the Stalin bust.
        Anyone making the kind of money he is making and can’t make a decision within 48 to 72 hours should not be in a responsible position.
        And anyone associated with any responsibility for the Stalin bust should be terminated also.
        He [Stalin] is not what the Memorial is all about.

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    Checking the statistics

    For the past year or more, I have read the numerous letters written by a select group of individuals who continue to criticize the Board of Supervisors, the School Board, the Sheriff?s Office and most recently Sheriff Mike Brown.

    As I read these letters, I ask myself why a person would step forward and give of their time and effort to make our county a better place, only to have people continuously take ?pot shots? at them.