Today's Opinions

  • Special session tackles budget standoff

        The General Assembly adjourned the 2012 regular session Saturday night, and immediately called itself into special session.  The reason for the special session is the continued budget standoff.  But based on the events of the final week of the regular session, a resolution to the impasse may be coming sooner rather than later.

  • The ugly faces of the modern GOP

    “Super Tuesday” might not have been so super for Republicans in Virginia, where a low turnout still produced a 60-40 victory for Mitt Romney.
        Virginia Republicans who bothered to vote were forced to choose between only Romney and Ron Paul. Santorum and Gingrich had earlier proved too incompetent to get on the ballot.

  • Why we need a Republican Senate

        Late last week Congressman Robert Hurt sent out a news release on the JOBS Act, which passed the House of Representatives on a 390-23 vote. Congressman Hurt was one of those voting in favor of it. JOBS, in this case, is an acronym that stands for Jumpstart Our Business Startups. The act is actually a collection of six separate bills. An editorial that appeared in the March 8 edition of the Wall Street Journal the same day that we got the news release, while praising the JOBS Act, also calls the collection of bills “housekeeping.”

  • Letters 03/07/12

    A plea for answers

        I live in the county, I pay taxes that support county obligations and I am a registered voter in Bedford County.

  • Federal government over-reach is “taking the breath” away from small businesses and family farms

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    During one of our district tours last year, a concerned constituent told me that federal government regulations are “taking the breath” away from small businesses and family farms in the 5th District. And as I make visits with Central and Southside Virginians across our district, I am constantly reminded of those words as I see the devastating effects that unnecessary federal regulations are having on families, individuals, and small businesses.


  • Protecting your private property rights

  • Farm Bureau files for judgment in Chesapeake Bay case

    By Donald Lewis

        I agree with the law suit against the EPA.
        I am concerned they do not mention the chemical companies’ involvement in the Chesapeake Bay pollution of the nitrogen and phosphorus. The Monsantos and other big rich chemical companies have overloaded farmers for years. The cow manure is not the cause as our government is trying to make us believe.

  • A productive week

        This week Virginia entered into its fourth budget stalemate in 11 years.  This one, however, is very different from those that have occurred previously.